WIWW: State Testing Edition

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's that time of the school year--state standardized testing time.  For those of you unfamiliar with this time, it's also known as the most boring time of the school year.

My seventh graders are being tested in five different areas: writing, reading, English (grammar), science, and math.  My school has it set up where teachers alternate administering the test.  English teachers started administering tests on Monday with the writing test to all of their classes, and then yesterday and today we are giving the reading test.  

Here's an example of how Tuesday went (which is when I wore this outfit):
-classes on a block schedule so only seeing odd classes today
-class comes into my classroom and I quickly take attendance and remind students of a few things for the test (mainly, take your time!)
-make sure students leave everything in the classroom and lock it up
-walk to computer lab toting a box with all testing supplies
-students sit at assigned computer
-begin reading test directions out of the booklet and pass out papers
-students begin taking the 65 minute test
-repeat these steps all day long....
*While students take the test, administrators aren't allowed to do anything: read, look at a computer, grade papers, etc.  We're pretty much only allowed to breathe and count the tiles on the floor.

This brings me to my outfit yesterday.....
For state testing, a teacher wants to dress comfortable.  Since yoga pants are against dress code, I wore the second best thing: a dress and tennies
Dress: bought this winter at Anthropologie
Shoes: Converse
Ring: Pandora

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  1. Oh gosh is it weird that almost 15 years later and I still remember taking tests...mostly the high school ones that were mandated and scary lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Perfect outfit for a day on the go, and on your feet. Testing days can be SO boring. I wish they'd let you read or something to pass the time, but I get it, they want you making sure no one is cheating, etc.

  3. You look comfy, adorable and cute as a button! In Indiana we have much controversy with standardized testing and I for one am not a fan of it. Proctoring was indeed not my favorite time but it looks like you were the cutest porter EVER!! ;-)

  4. My sister is a teacher too and ugh she dreads state testing as well. Super cute outfit.

  5. I definitely didn't enjoy those tests when I was younger! As a teacher, I bet it's not very fun either. What do you do while they write the test? So boring!! Is it only the seventh graders that write it?
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  6. How crazy insane is it that you can do nothing with your time!! I would go NUTS!!! I am on the hunt for a deal on white converse this year - too cute!!

  7. OH man, I do NOT miss standardized testing! I cringe even thinking about it! Also, you look so fantastic! And don't you love your Converse?? I wish I could wear mine to work! They're so comfy!

  8. That outfit is SO cute and so comfy. Love that you were able to rock converse to school!

  9. You look comfy & chic! Hang in there for the testing - don't have too much fun! ;) Thanks for linking up today! xo

  10. Well isn't that outfit just darling!! Cute & comfy which I'm sure is definitely needed during testing. I definitely don't miss being on the student side of that and I can't imagine the teacher side is much fun either!

  11. Love that outfit. I cannot believe you can't even read a book or do wonder it stinks so bad!

  12. I love, love stripe dresses! They are so easy to style and look chic without effort!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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