Happy (Belated) National Sibling Day!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Today is a MAJOR picture overload, so feel free to skip today's post!  Yesterday was National Sibling Day and I didn't spend any of it with my little sister :(  She was busy traveling back form out of town.  I went through a few of my pictures to find some of us and realized I probably should post a few more recent pictures.

I'm so lucky I have such a great little sister that I'm close to.  She drove me crazy when we were little--the 4 year age gap will do that to you!  But once I moved away for college (and especially the later years in college), we started becoming friends.  When I graduated from Alabama and had to move back home since I didn't have a teaching job, Rachel had just graduated from high school and was going to live at home and go to a local college.  We had the best time living across the hall from one another!  It was a sad day when I moved out and got married haha!  Now we both live in town and see each other all the time!

 Helping me with cheer tryouts one year

 I loved picking her up haha

 Working on the farm--I have a feeling we were cutting down thistles....ugh

 Riding around checking on cows

 Easter 2013

 Rachel's graduation from nursing school!!

 She trusted me enough to color her hair :)

 The day I got engaged!!  June 16, 2013

 And Rachel got engaged 2 weeks later!!!  Loved being engaged at the same time!

 My #1 fan at my first Anthro fashion show

 High class at the movies

 Teaching Rachel how to bake at an early age

 We were always together!

 Easter 2014

 Rachel + Nick's engagement party--I think this was about 2 weeks before my wedding

 My maid of honor!!!

 Rachel's wedding--we also got married 3 months apart from one another.  My mom was so calm hahahaha

 5 AM workouts at the gym together

 Doing random errands together

Thanks, Sister, for always being on my side!!  I love you!


  1. Awwww, what a fun post. I have two younger sisters and your pictures remind me of all of mine with them. Amen to not being best friends until college, what is up with the lil sisters trying to get all in the biz growing up ;)!

    Sisters are the best and I'm so grateful for mine.

  2. So many great pictures with your sister!! I cannot imagine how your mom handled two weddings like that. My brother got married about 6 weeks after I did and I know my mom was going crazy with that - and she wasn't even mother of the bride for the second one! You guys seem like you have such a special relationship - so nice you live close together still!

  3. Yay for sisters! I don't have any of my own by blood, but I have my sisters-in-law who are like my own sisters. I know not everyone is lucky enough to say that about their in-laws but I'm happy to be one of the ones who can. Sisterly love is the best! :)

  4. Simply ADORABLE!!!!! My favorites are Easter 2013, the fashion show and your weekending!! Such cute girlies with hearts of gold I am sure!!

  5. There really is nothing quite like the bond of a sister and you both are so much alike!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  6. You are the cutest sisters ever! I am with you, your sister is like a built in best friend, I wouldn't trade mine for anything!

  7. Siblings are the best! What a sweet post.

  8. I definitely didn't want to skip this post! Sisters are the greatest thing ever. EVER. I love mine to pieces, and I'm so happy you dedicated an entire post to yours! National Siblings Day is a great thing :)

  9. Y'all are so cute together! I always wanted a sister, but had two annoying brothers instead. Haha. I love them with my whole heart, though!

  10. Love your photos!! My sisters got engaged 4 days apart and married 4 weeks apart! Bless my parents haha and yours!

  11. I love having a younger sister, too! such a sweet post :)

  12. This is so sweet! And how fun that you guys got to be brides together!

  13. That's awesome that you guys have such a great relationship! My sister and I are 8 years apart and same as you, we didn't get super close until I was in college. Now she's in college and I miss her so much! I want her to move back home! :)

  14. That is so sweet! As an only child, I love seeing my kids bond! It is so precious. Maybe one day you girls will have babies at the same time... ;)


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