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Friday, April 15, 2016

It's the end of the work week and this is me today:

That will partly be because tomorrow I'll be mailing off my portfolio to my professor as part of my internship requirement for my master's degree.  It took me MONTHS to complete that portfolio and all I want is for it to be mailed off and out of my hands!!  That is my number one FAVORITE for this week!!

Another FAVORITE fact:  I have two more homework assignments and one final and I am done with grad school for the rest of my life!!!!!  (Hopefully ha)

Tonight, the women's ministry that I am involved with at my church is hosting a paint party.  The money raised will go toward the mission expenses of two girls from my church who are doing long-term summer missions this year.
This is the cute picture we're painting and is a FAVORITE because I'm going to put it in my classroom!  And my bestie is leading the class so I can't wait to get to hang out with a bunch of great ladies!

I had a student give me this yesterday morning for me to put up in my classroom--isn't is great?!  My FAVORITE is the quote right under the pop-up book!

I also had a student give me a painting of a deer that she had made--I'm framing that and putting it up in my house :)  

And my last FAVORITE for today....
Dustin went to his diabetes doctor yesterday.  Sometimes I'm able to take off work to go with him, but I didn't this time.  I told him to be responsible and this is the Snapchat that I get in response...
Yes, this is who I'm married to haha!

(And the Mrs. Felt part, since I've been married, multiple people have assumed my last name is Felt???  No, it's Shaneyfelt and it's one whole word--so strange!  So it's now an inside joke for us.)


  1. Yay for being almost done with Grad School - such a huge accomplishment! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Woohoo for being SO close to being done with grad school! I remember those days and they were amazing. Here's hoping it all goes quickly and smoothly for you!!

  3. Ok, your comment on my post yesterday and your husband's snapchat he sent you...yes, the men we married are too much alike! Life is never boring!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Swinging over from Friday Favorites! Congratulations on being ALMOST finished with your Masters! That's so exciting! Hope you and Mr. Felt (haha) have a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. Congratulations on nearing your finish line!! What a great achievement!! I am cracking up at your hubbies photo - too funny!!

  6. Yay for almost being DONE with your Master! So exciting! And my husband would totally send me that, too, so I get the weird hubs thing.

  7. haha! My last name is Johanson, and people think that it's Jo Hanson. So when I say Kacy Johanson, do they just ignore the Kacy part??

  8. Congrats for your Master's :) What are you getting it in? I got my in Ed. Leadership!!! I was so glad it is over Chelsea @

  9. What a huge relief to be sending your portfolio off today!! Enjoy your painting class, those are so fun!

  10. I look exactly like that when I leave work EVERY DAY haha. Congrats on your Masters! Stopping over from the linkup - would love if you stopped by my blog too! Have a great weekend =0)

  11. Love the painting yo uare doing for your paint party!

  12. Hahahaha that is so funny about your last name! Why do people think that?! So crazy! And congrats on finishing your portfolio! I can't imagine what a long road that has been!

  13. Light at the end of the grad school tunnel...yay!! Have so much fun at the paint party!! And a great weekend!!

  14. Congratulations on sending off your portfolio to your professor. That must be such a huge weight off your shoulders. :]

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