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Friday, April 1, 2016

Hey y'all!  It's my favorite post of the week because that means it's Friday!  

Unfortunately, in my area we had really bad weather last night.  A little after 8:30 last night, the weatherman on TV said a tornado was going through my town.  Luckily for Dustin and I, when our neighbor built her house last year she installed a tornado shelter inside and had already called us earlier yesterday evening telling us to come over if we received a tornado warning.  When the weatherman told us a tornado was heading for our town, we grabbed our essentials and ran next door to get in her shelter.  Thankfully it didn't affect our side of town, but it did go down my sister's road.  They lost power, heard things hitting all windows, and stayed in their hallway under a mattress.  I saw a few pictures on Facebook of some damage: trees down on houses, power lines down, and an RV that was picked up and dumped on a truck.  I haven't heard of any injuries, but I am thankful that our families are safe!

Now, onto my FAVORITES!  I wanted to show y'all a few of my favorite things that I do daily (or almost daily)!

Now that the weather is warming up again, I am starting to replace some of my nightly showers with baths.  (It was way too cold for me to take a bath during the winter!)  My FAVORITE thing to do at night is to put some Aveda lavender oil in the bath water, light whatever candle I have in the bathroom at that time, and turn on the TV and/or grab a book to read.  The Aveda oil makes my skin feel like silk when I get out of the bath, and I've already decided that in our next house I'm installing a TV in the bathroom for me to watch while I'm taking a bath.  Priorities, right?! 

I'm also really into only using certain candles for certain seasons or holidays.  For example, I love Mahogany Teakwood from BBW, but I consider that a fall/winter candle so I only light it when the weather gets cooler.  My FAVORITE warm weather candle is the Capri Blue candles from Anthropologie!  Now that the weather has started warming up and it's starting to really feel like spring, I've taken this out of my cabinet to use each day.   
(Fun Fact: I light a candle every day after school and keep it burning until we go to bed.)

My FAVORITE way to start off each day is to drink a glass of Spark.  Spark is a vitamin drink produced by Advocare and comes in many different flavors.  Right now I drink watermelon, but my other favorite is mango strawberry.  I would say strawberry lemonade is a favorite, but I had to quit drinking it because it made me so sick.  #stomachprobs
Every morning when I first get up, I pour a scoop of Spark into my blender bottle and drink it as I get ready.  My sister sells it, so she's always letting me try new flavors!

Another daily FAVORITE is the She Reads Truth app on my phone.  Because I'm in such a busy and stressful season, it's been such a lifesaver to have a Bible study right on my phone.  She Reads Truth has multiple studies--lots are on different books of the Bible and a few are topical.  I just finished the Lent study and it was amazing.  I love that this study is Biblically solid and sound in their commentary.  If you're looking for a great study, I highly suggest SRT!

Another thing that I do daily is listen to music.  I was brought up in a house where music was constantly playing, and it's something I'm used to and have carried over into my house. My dad bought this Bose Soundlink speaker for us when we finished building our house last year as a housewarming, and it's literally my FAVORITE thing.  It's bluetooth and wireless and small!  I keep it in the kitchen because that's the central area in our house, and I love listening to music when I cook.  The best thing about it is that the sound quality is amazing (because it's Bose, duh) and I can turn it up really loud when I clean so I can hear it all throughout the house.  If you're a music listener, it's an investment you'll want to make!

What are some of your favorite things to do daily?


  1. Every time you take a bath now it'll feel like you're in a hotel - so amazing!! Glad to hear that everyone in your family is safe - hope the bad weather is gone! Happy Friday! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I'm so glad that you guys are all ok! Tornados are no joke, so Im glad you were able to stay safe and so did your sister!
    Your bath sounds perfect....and the candles and music--even better! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. So glad to hear that everyone is safe with the bad weather. That can be so scary! I love lighting candles, but more often than not just light them on the weekends when I am home for extended periods of time. I would loveeeee a nice bath in my future home. Just so relaxing!

  4. Thank heavens you're safe, Tornados are one of my biggest fears since we live in Tornado alley. Look at that tub soak and you can see your TV, too cool, bet it smelled divine with the lavender. Happy weekend gorgeous!!

  5. Oh my gosh that tornado warning is so scary! I was wondering what was happening when I saw on your snapchat that you had to go to a shelter. Glad to hear everyone (esp your sister!) is safe! I love listening to music at home too. I'm actually listening right now but just through my phone speaker. But this one would definitely be really good!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  6. I wish I could see my TV from my bath tub, but then again, I would probably be in there ALL THE TIME!

  7. That is scary! So glad y'all are safe. And I love the CB candles - you should try the Nest ones as well! Ocean Mist is a good scent for warmer temps!

    Southern Style

  8. So glad y'all are okay! A tornado touched down about 45 minutes away from us, but thankfully no one was hurt. I sometimes set up my tablet on a stool beside our bathtub so I can watch Netflix while I take a hot bath lol. My parents have always had a TV in their bathroom- so smart!

    I have a playlist on Spotify for cooking, cleaning, working, etc. lol I always have music playing too, but I just listen to it through my phone. I need to look into one of those speakers though. That would be a good investment for us! I'm waiting on Bath and Body Works to have another sale on their candles and I am going to stock up for the spring/summer lol. I love having a candle burning whenever we are home! Hope y'all have a great weekend! :)

  9. The weather is SO scary this time of year. I'm glad you all were safe!!

  10. So glad everyone is safe! And yes to a TV in the bathroom. Because Bravo and soaking in the tub would be a perfect combination!

    p.s. I'm the same way about candle scents being burnt during the right season! I've never tried an Anthro candle; I think it's about time that I do!

  11. Sarah! So many of these are my favorite too - I drink fruit punch spark every morning, while I am reading the She Reads Truth App and I take a nightly bath!! We also watched and waited for storms in our area, but thankfully just had thunderstorms. Happy Friday!!

  12. Love this list! My husband introduced me to Spark. I'm doing the 21 Day Fix/Insanity Max 30 right now so I'm not drinking it regularly at this time, but I do love it! We just moved {literally this week} so my daily fun is unpacking boxes. I miss routine though. Looking forward to getting back to it!

  13. I'm so glad your family is all okay from the tornado! I miss Spark! I used to drink it every single morning and for whatever reason it started making me sick! Strawberry lemonade was my favorite also. Have a great weekend. -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  14. Glad your family was safe! We sure have lots in common...I totally love some Spark and mango strawberry is my fave! I have also really loved the She Reads Truth App. Our house actually has a cable outlet in the bathroom window box above the tub but I have never added a tv....I'm definitely more about having all the music all the time. I will definitely have to check out that Bose speaker. Have a super weekend!

  15. Curious about the Spark drink-I have heard of Advocare before but never really looked into it! And YES to a TV in the bathroom; we saw this in a model home we toured last month and immediately decided it is a must have. I have a feeling I will be taking TONS of baths because of this!

  16. First of all, I'm SO glad that you and your family are ok! That scary weather happened just west of us and we were afraid we were going to get it too, but luckily it fizzled out and we just got buckets and buckets of rain! I was terrified, though. Tornadoes are the worst!

    Second, I light a candle every day when I get home from work and leave it burning until we go to bed as well. And I also listen to music nonstop, too! I have that exact Bose speaker and it is fantastic! It's one of my favorite gifts that Brian has ever gotten for me!


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