March Reads

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I had one week off from grad school in March in between terms so I read two books!  Woohoo!  Both were really enjoyable while being totally different, and I'm really looking forward to when grad school is o-va and I have unlimited free time for reading!

Balancing in Heels by Kristin Cavallari

I was looking forward to getting this book since I watched both Laguna Beach and The Hills when I was younger.  I remember Kristin being portrayed as a type of villain in each show.  I think her real personality really shined in the book and it was so enjoyable to read.  The set up of this book was great too--the chapters were huge (only about 5 though) and they had lots of sub-headings throughout.  Lots of pictures were included and side-thoughts seem to be on every few pages.  As a reader, I appreciated that.  I think my favorite chapter was on her new healthy lifestyle and healthy eating because she gave so much practical advice.  She gave lists of good ingredients/foods and then included recipes in the back of the book.  

I would recommend this book if you were a LB or Hills fan!

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson

This is Joshilyn's newest release and the second book I've ever read by her.  (The first was Someone Else's Love Story--read it!!!)  Paula Voss, an Atlanta divorce lawyer with a bad past, ends up having to reckon with her past after it shows up in the form of a half-brother she didn't know existed.  I really enjoy reading this book so much that I went to the library to find another one of her books to read.  I'm currently in the beginning of Between, Georgia.

If you like reading books by southern authors, then you'll love this one!  It also has a little bit of a love story intwined, too :)

What are you currently reading or have just finished reading?


  1. I cannot wait to read Kristin's book. I will be ordering it soon!!!! The second sounds really interesting, too.

  2. Officially getting Kristin's book - I loved everything Laguna and the Hills! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Getting Kristins book too, heard it's awesome from so many people!

  4. I have been meaning to read Kristin's book-I still feel like I'm right back in high school whenever I catch an old LB or Hills episode!

  5. Yay!! I have Balancing in Heels in my Amazon wishlist and I've been waiting to hear more about it... I'm going to order it now for sure!

  6. I cannot wait to read Kristin's book and the other one seems like a book I'd love also!

  7. I was the biggest LB and Hills fan!! Always #teamlauren and she just released a book today that I really want to pick up!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  8. KC's book came in the mail for me last week! I couldn't help myself!! I thought it would be more of a "hate read" but really it was well done (though I did have several eye rolls throughout... the goat milk formula??)


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