Friday Favorites--Pampered Chef Party!

Friday, March 11, 2016

It's Friday, y'all, and that means only one more week of school until spring break!  It's so crazy how fast this school year is flying by...I just hope summer doesn't fly by, too :)

I'm in the middle of hosting a Pampered Chef party, so I wanted to share a few of my FAVORITES from the current catalog (and the things I plan on buying)!

If you want to order from my party, click on this link and you can access the catalog online and also order online.  Just make sure you choose to have your order shipped to you--I think shipping to me is the default!  If you've never owned anything from Pampered Chef, then you must order something because it's the best, and they have great customer service.

If you decide to order, you can do so through next Friday the 18th.

This is number one on my order form right now.  I've always wanted to try making noodles out of different vegetables, and my in-laws have a garden each spring that results in a ton of zucchini.  I cannot wait to try my hand at making zoodles--which is the latest rage in eating healthy. 

This bar pan/cookie sheet isn't on my list BUT I do own TWO of them because I love them so much!  I bake everything on them...cookies, sweet potato fries, roast name it and I've made it on these.  I will never use another regular cookie sheet as long as I live if I have one of these bar pans.  And luckily, I have a convection oven so I can bake cookies using both pans at the same time!

I have needed a scoop like this for cookie batter and so I'm finally going to break down and buy it from Pampered Chef.  I've almost bought one from Williams Sonoma multiple times, but my mom has this one and I know first hand how durable it is.  

I love a good cookbook, but it's so hard to find good cookbooks that are healthy, too.  Most of the healthy cookbooks I've found have recipes for food I can't even pronounce or don't even know what it is.  Not this cookbook.  I read through a few of the recipes and they look totally doable.  Plus, there's a dessert section.  Need I say more? haha!

During the summer months, I like to keep a jug of Crystal Light lemonade in the fridge.  But sometimes it gets annoying making it because after I fill the jug with water, I have to find a wooden spoon long enough to mix it together.  Then I have to wash the wooden spoon.  I love that this is a one-stop product that does it all for you.  And I love that I can even mix it up a bit before pouring myself a glass of few day old lemonade.  My mom has this and I love it--and so of course I need it!

If you use Pampered Chef, what's your favorite product?


  1. The spiralizer looks like it's heavy duty which is nice! I have the hand held one and it works great but it gets tiring after 2 zucchinis.

  2. Love that ice cream scoop since I'm an ice cream addict!! New kitchen gadgets are always fun to buy.
    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. We make lemonade all the time so that pitcher would be perfect!! Happy Weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I am crazy over the moon for PC, I have so many of their products, my mini spatula is my fav!! happy weekend gorgeous!!

  5. Where do I even begin with my favorite? I hosted a party with my bf's sister about a year ago and fell in love. My bank account didn't though. I think by far my favorite PC tool is the salad choppers that you can also shred cooked chicken, pork etc with. Love! And of course the stones are awesome. Might have to look and order something else :)

  6. I love Pampered Chef! I definitely need to check out the spiralizer! Have a great weekend!
    Chasing Texas

  7. I like the mini spatula (perfect for cookies) and the ground beef utensil that helps break it up when you're browning it!

  8. That spiralizer looks sturdy! I can't wait to see what recipes you come up with using it!

  9. I need a spiralizer!! I'll have to check this one out! Have a great weekend!

  10. My MIL went to a pampered chef a while ago and picked me up a salad dressing mixer, similar to that pitcher you posted. I love it!

  11. I haven't seen pampered chef in so long. I am hoping to add some gifts to my wedding registry ;)


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