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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Last week, Makensey nominated me for the Liebster Award!  I think the best part about this award is that you get to learn more about a blogger.  I'm going to not follow the rules (first time ever, y'all, because I am a rule follower to a default) and not nominate anyone.  So if you feel like answering these questions and listing 11 facts about yourself, please do because I want to read it!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I used to read a lot of blogs in college and kind of forgot about them once I graduated.  I started reading them again while I was engaged.  After we got married, I told Dustin it was something I wanted to try but I was a little nervous.  I didn't think anyone would want to read what I had to write, so I'm so thankful for the people who read my blog daily!  You make writing fun!

2. What is your blogging 'niche'? What do you most enjoy writing about?
I really enjoy writing about my life and day to day happenings--with a few recipe posts thrown in.

3. What is your drink of choice at Starbucks?
I only started drinking coffee drinks on my last birthday and my first Starbucks drink was a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I like to get a skinny Caramel Machiatto now!

4. What do you do for a living outside of blogland?
I teach seventh grade English (and my patience has grown immensely haha)

5. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Reality TV shows!

6. How would you spend an entire day off to yourself, where money isn't an object?
I would go shopping and buy myself whatever I wanted :)

7. What was your favorite vacation ever?
I love any vacation to the beach, but I think my favorite travel memory wasn't actually a vacation at all.  During my senior year at Alabama, they made it to the National Championship game in Pasadena, CA.  I went with my best friend and two of our guy friends and we made so many memories--that might be the best friend trip I've ever been on!

8. What is your all-time favorite recipe?
That's really hard to choose.  Lately I'm loving most things with quinoa in it!

9. What is your favorite place to shop?
Hands down, Anthropologie!  I also like to get a few things in GAP, too.

10. Who is your celebrity crush?
I've always had a thing for Jake Gyllenhaal haha

11. What is one CD (old school I know) that you could listen to on repeat?
Dave Matthews Band Live at Central Park--I started listening to them in the seventh grade and I prefer live music any day

Now for 11 facts about me:

1. My hair is naturally curly, but I pretty much straighten it every single day.  I've decided to start wearing it curly more often to give it a break from the straightener.

2. I start listening to Christmas music in the beginning of October.

3. When I was in elementary school, my mom used to wake me up early during the week so I could watch an episode of Martha Stewart before having to get ready for school.  I was an adult living in a child's body haha!

4. My best friends in high school were all in my youth group at church and it made high school so much fun :)  We did so many fun things together!

5. I love baking--it's therapeutic.

6. I enjoy listening to sermon podcasts while I'm getting ready in the morning.  I alternate my mornings between listening to music and listening to sermons.  Some of my favorites include Tim Keller and David Platt.

7. My bff Janie and I spontaneously bought plane tickets to Washington DC one time.  We had zero plans for our trip but it ended up being so much fun, and we still laugh about certain things that happened on that trip!

8. My sister and I may not look anything alike, but we have the exact same voice.  There have been times where we've pretended to be the other person on the phone.  It lasts as long as we can go without laughing!

9. I used to bite my nails in elementary school.  When I was in the 5th grade, my gran decided that was enough and told me that she would pay me $10 a finger to stop biting my nails--I had to have them at a length that she felt was acceptable before she paid me.  In the meantime, I went with Gran every week to get a manicure to help me stop biting them.  I was the only 5th grader with professionally manicured nails!  And the manicurist we went to would paint flowers or designs on my nails each week.  My gran passed away the summer before 7th grade, but I know she would be very proud to know that I still don't bite my nails!

10. Speaking of my gran, I remember that she used to take me back to school shopping, too.  I'll never forget one time she told me, "You cannot get anything else that is blue, B!"  Blue was (and still is) my favorite color, and she always called me B or Miss B.  I miss being in another room and hearing her call for B.

Feel free to answer the 11 questions above and then list 11 random facts about yourself!  


  1. Reality TV is definitely one of my guilty pleasures - we share that for sure! I love that you and your Gran were so close - that is so sweet!!! I think baking is therapeutic, too, I need to start doing it more. Again just so many things in common!

  2. That is such a sweet story about your gran! What a nice memory to have :)

  3. Pasadena.... that was seriously the most amazing time! I'd kind of forgotten about that trip! I swore that I would attend every national championship game that Alabama played in from here on out after attending that game, but sure enough I haven't been to one. Boo! I also find baking super therapeutic! I'm not great at it, but I still really enjoy it.

  4. Love those sweet stories about your grandmother! Blue clothes for life! :)

  5. Such sweet stories about your gran!! I used to go with my nanny to get my nails done every other week during the summers, and I really miss doing that now that I have to work!

    Basically half of my closet is blue lol and same for my husband! We both love blue and have a lot of blue clothing!!

  6. I love how you guys did the spontaneous trip to DC - such fun!

  7. The national championship trip and DC trip sound so fun! I used to be really bad about biting my nails too. Sweet memories of your grandmother!

  8. Way to go, Gran! Good incentive to stop biting nails, haha!

    Good idea to listen to sermons in the mornings while you're getting ready! I've been watching through some Francis Chan videos on RightNow Media, but I think the listening to a podcast sounds equally awesome. Good idea :)

  9. I love this! Your Gran sounds like an amazing lady!

    And girl, I knew I loved you for a reason! I LOVE meeting fellow DMB fans!! They really and truly are the best evahhhh!!

  10. I used to watvh Martha Stewart too! Such a fun post!


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