Confessional Thursday (3.31.16)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I've enjoyed participating in Confessional Thursday because I feel like y'all get to learn more about me, and since my blog really is for me to look back on one day, I will be able to remember what was going on during a certain point in my life.  I also love learning about other bloggers through this link up!

I confess...

I was so tired last night that I was asleep before 8:30 PM (very unlike me) and so I'm typing this now at 5:15 in the morning!

The nicer the weather outside is, the harder it is for me to stay inside and do homework.  I think spring fever is killing me because all I want to do is be outside! (and not do homework)

One reason why I'm so ready to be done with grad school is so I have time to try out new recipes.  I already have a few printed out and put in my binder that I plan on attempting.

When I moved off to college, my mom would call me to keep me updated on the things that went on in our small town.  I loved these phone calls because I felt connected back home--and I needed that as a freshman.

Another thing my mom did when I was in college was mail me something at least once every week, if not more.  Sometimes it was a big package and sometimes it was a small card.  The best thing was that she would always decorate the outside of whatever she mailed--so when I lived on campus my freshman and sophomore year and had to rent a PO box, I loved having to take my slip of paper to get my package because the mail people always commented on how my mom decorated it!  So Mom, feel free to mail me anything you want now and just don't forget to decorate the outside ha!

I need a new cell, right now!  I have an iPhone 5S and if I talk on the phone to someone for over 20 minutes, it starts dropping their call over and over again which pretty much ends our conversation.  I'm not due for an upgrade until May, but I heard that the iPhone 7 should be coming out this year.  Do I wait for that?  Decisions, decisions... :)

I need to make another trip to Sephora soon to get a few more things.  I opened a beauty insider account early January and then hit VIB early February..... (insert big eyed emoji!)

That's all I can think to confess today.  I can't wait to start reading everyone else's confessions.
Y'all make sure to check back tomorrow for a Friday Favorites!

What's Up Wednesday--March 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Linking up with Shay today for her monthly What's Up Wednesday post!

What we're eating this week...
Monday: Crockpot Cheesy Chicken and Rice (I altered this recipe a little to make it healthier)
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Tex-Mex Pitas
Thursday: Oven baked tacos (a recipe of my own I am experimenting with!)
Friday: out!

What I'm reminiscing about...
We hosted Easter lunch at our house for the first time, and I still have a few Easter decorations out...oops!  But each time I see them, I remember the great time we had this past Sunday!

What I'm loving...
This goes along with what I'm watching, but I am loving that the Duggar family is back on TV!  It's sad that a scandal caused a network to cancel their show, but I think they realized the money they were missing out on and gave Jessa and Jill their own show.  I love Jessa, so I've loved watching every episode!

What we've been up to...
I just got finished with my spring break and during that time we went to Nashville and Franklin, made porch goals for our house, and I even had time to read two books!

What I'm dreading...
I take my Praxis test for my grad degree next Thursday.  If I don't pass, I don't graduate.  So you know, no big deal, right? #iamsonervous

What I'm working on...
Like I mentioned above, I'm working on studying for my Praxis, my class this term, and my internship and portfolio.
I'm also making big plans and goals for my blog when I'm out of school for the summer!

What I'm excited about...
Our cruise in June!  Can't wait for the Bahamas!

What I'm watching/reading...
Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Grey's, Real Housewives of BH, Kardashians, and a few Hallmark movies + When Calls the Heart
I'm also reading Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson

What I'm listening to...
Lots of music!

What I'm wearing...

Now that it's warming up, I'm wearing my summery clothes more!
(Love this Anthro dress from last summer--even though it looks like a mu-mu)

What I'm doing this weekend...

What I'm looking forward to next month...
I can't think of anything exciting happening next month.  Umm...we start state testing and finish after two weeks, so I'm ready to be done with that.

What else is new...
I can't think of anything.  This must not have been an exciting month for me ha!  I think I'm just trying to survive until I'm finished with my master's degree in early May.

Bonus: What is your favorite spring cleaning tip?
I think this is the best time of the year to start cleaning out clothes that haven't been worn in at least two years--especially since everyone is changing out their closets.

Linking up with Shay, Jenn, and Holly today

March Reads

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I had one week off from grad school in March in between terms so I read two books!  Woohoo!  Both were really enjoyable while being totally different, and I'm really looking forward to when grad school is o-va and I have unlimited free time for reading!

Balancing in Heels by Kristin Cavallari

I was looking forward to getting this book since I watched both Laguna Beach and The Hills when I was younger.  I remember Kristin being portrayed as a type of villain in each show.  I think her real personality really shined in the book and it was so enjoyable to read.  The set up of this book was great too--the chapters were huge (only about 5 though) and they had lots of sub-headings throughout.  Lots of pictures were included and side-thoughts seem to be on every few pages.  As a reader, I appreciated that.  I think my favorite chapter was on her new healthy lifestyle and healthy eating because she gave so much practical advice.  She gave lists of good ingredients/foods and then included recipes in the back of the book.  

I would recommend this book if you were a LB or Hills fan!

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson

This is Joshilyn's newest release and the second book I've ever read by her.  (The first was Someone Else's Love Story--read it!!!)  Paula Voss, an Atlanta divorce lawyer with a bad past, ends up having to reckon with her past after it shows up in the form of a half-brother she didn't know existed.  I really enjoy reading this book so much that I went to the library to find another one of her books to read.  I'm currently in the beginning of Between, Georgia.

If you like reading books by southern authors, then you'll love this one!  It also has a little bit of a love story intwined, too :)

What are you currently reading or have just finished reading?

Easter 2016 Weekend Recap

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Monday, y'all!  Spring break is over (sadly) and it's back to work I go.  I had such a great week off and an even better weekend that was filled with so much family time.  I read somewhere Sean Lowe had posted (I think his personal blog) where their family is so close and they always make it a point to be there for each other and support one another.  Reading that reminded me that my family is like that--I've never once not felt supported by them, and I know that makes me very blessed because not everyone has family like that.


Rachel and I walked about 40 minutes to get some exercise and steps added to our Fitbits.  (Find me by email:
I love our conversations while we walk!

That night our church had a Good Friday service for the first time.  It was wonderful and really reminded me how serious sin is--my sin.


Saturday was SUCH a beautiful day!  After I made breakfast, Dustin decided he was going to wash our cars.

I've never seen anyone crawl on top of their vehicle to wash it ha!

Rachel and I decided to get together again to walk and walk her dog, Ralph.  She drove to the park, and since we live so close, I ran to it to meet up with her.  We walked for about 45 minutes and watched the disc golf tournament that was taking place there.

I got home as Dustin was finishing up washing my car.  He took a break inside watching landscaping videos on Youtube--so boring ;)

We had a family get together with his mom's side that afternoon so it was chambray and denim for me.

All smiles while driving out in the country!

I wished I would have taken pictures at his family gathering because we had a great time sitting outside and playing games (and eating really good food).


Easter Sunday was church as normal.  I finished up my Lent study in my She Reads Truth app, and it was a beautiful study.  The study began pointing out how different Lent and Easter are from Christmas.  Christmas is such a happy and joyous time anticipating the birth of Christ.  The Lenten season is opposite of that--where we stop pretending everything is perfect and start confessing our sins.  "It's a sober yet hopeful path to the heart of the heavenly Father, who 'is patient with us, not wanting any to perish (2 Peter 3:8-9)...Lent begins at repentance."--I pulled this from She Reads Truth because it said it perfectly!

Easter lunch with my mom, stepdad, sister, brother-in-law, and Dustin was at our house.  
Our main foods:

And the sweets!

I saved the most room for sweets since I have SUCH a sweet tooth.  I set out salad plates for sweets since I knew dessert plates wouldn't be big enough ha!

This captures our relationship perfectly
 Notice our shirts!  We decided to "Forget the Frock" this year and the money spent on these shirts went directly to the Eyes that See organization which helps women in Ethiopia who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry.

Mom and I played around on Snapchat (sarahshaneyfelt) and face swapped--she thought it was hilarious!

Resting up before our next family gathering.

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and I had to have them for our table!

Hanging out at the Easter gathering for my dad's side (the proceeds from my sister's shirt went toward Feeding the Orphans).

I hope y'all had a great Easter weekend!

Linking up with Biana

Friday Favorites: Spring Break Edition!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Usually I am really excited for a Friday Favorites post because it means it's the last working day of the week, but this time it's sad because it means that my spring break is almost over!  This has been a great spring break, and the fact that it's almost over just means it's closer to summer (and no grad school for me)!

My spring break was...
Monday: lots of errands with Dustin + watching our nephew play baseball
Tuesday: all day in Franklin + Nashville together
Wednesday: all day in Birmingham catching up with two friends
Thursday: getting things done around the house + writing a paper

Today I'll be grocery shopping, going to our church's Good Friday service, and then going to our brother+sister-in-law's house to make Easter goodies.  

A few of my FAVORITES from this week:

I was out running on Monday morning and since it was a beautiful day, people were flying their planes in town.  We live in the flight path of our local airport--it's an airport for small, personal planes.  I love watching a plane take off so Monday was definitely a FAVORITE because since it was so pretty, lots were out flying!

Supper Monday night was pork that my stepdad smoked, beans from my in-law's garden, and roasted brussels sprouts!  Healthy and food from my FAVORITE people :)

I still can't get over how wonderful ice cream from Jeni's was!!!  Their ice cream is my FAVORITE in the whole entire world!

My first stop on Wednesday was to see this precious baby (and maybe her mom, too ha!).  Isn't her outfit a FAVORITE?  This was right before I left and she had fallen asleep--I love her cheeks and chunky thighs!!!

Before I started writing my paper yesterday, I sat in our super comfy chair and watched the Today Show with the fire going.  The Today Show is a FAVORITE and I hardly got to watch it this spring break.  I'm looking forward to watching it this summer!

The Beaufort Bonnet Company might be my FAVORITE baby clothing (okay, tied with Feltman Brothers).  I saw this on Instagram and sent it to Taylor (whose baby is pictured above) telling her that Elizabeth needed all of this!

Our first Easter together is a FAVORITE memory because Dustin let me coordinate his Easter outfit to my Lilly dress.  We had only been dating a few months at the time and he had no idea what he was in for clothing-wise (as in the price of a Lilly dress haha).  I knew he was a keeper when he let me dress him!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating the risen Savior!

Linking up with Andrea and Erika!

Easter Dinner (Lunch) Plans

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Since my parents are divorced, my sister and I always split up our holidays.  Typically, we do an Easter dinner (what's also known as lunch) with my mom and then another Easter gathering that afternoon with my dad.  This year, I will be hosting lunch at my house!

Mom and I have been busy planning our meal and splitting up dishes between my mom, sister, and I.  We've decided to do something different this year instead of the normal big Easter meal.  We'll be doing lots of salads and have ham for the guys who want some meat.  I've also been thinking about what kind of tablescape I want to create.  Since we'll be eating right after church, it'll be nice to not have to heat anything up or even cook since everything will be made ahead of time and most can be eaten cold.

Easter Menu
(I'll link to recipes, but these aren't necessarily the ones we'll use.  Some things we make by memory.)

An Easter Dessert*

*My sister will be making the dessert.

Tablescape Ideas

-I already have teal blue placemats.
-Natural-looking chargers
-All white dishes
-Flower arrangement

What are your Easter plans this year?

A Spring Break Day Trip

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Can I just start this out by saying that I cannot believe it's already Wednesday and that the week needs to slow down--I need more time off!  I've booked my week with so many things that I feel like I don't have time to go back to work haha :)  I'm sure Dustin would agree ;)

Yesterday we left the house bright and early and headed to Nashville for the day.  The weather was perfect even though it started off chilly.  The only negative was that the wind was insane at times.....meaning my hair was difficult to brush last night.  I'm so glad we live close enough to be able to take a day trip.

We stopped off in Franklin, Tennessee, first to walk around their downtown and eat lunch.  I love Franklin!  Janie and I went one time in high school and walked right by Leann Rimes when she was still married to her first husband!  I remember being so starstruck and that he skin looked really smooth, and poor Janie never noticed her because she was talking the whole time!

  One of the stores that we stopped in was this gorgeous home interior store only to realize that we couldn't afford anything.  Sorry, not paying $3500 for a mirror!

Lunch was at Puckett's and it was so cute inside!  I got the strawberry field salad with grilled chicken and Dustin got the Philly sandwich with chicken.  The atmosphere was so fun!

**I would also like to note that I walked right past Anthropologie in downtown Franklin and did not go inside.  Dustin says I deserve an award, and I think my reward should be clothes from Anthro haha!

 Then we went to West End in Nashville to tour the Parthenon.  I was excited because it was used to film scenes in the Percy Jackson movie, but I learned so much about the building while touring it.  The lady in gold is Athena.

The bottom level was an art gallery.  One exhibit was paintings from Grimm's Fairytales.  Guess who enjoyed that more? ha!

 It was such a pretty day!  I wish we had brought a blanket to sit on and relax on the lawn.  Actually, I wish I had brought running clothes because so many people were running in this park.  We both agreed that this would be a great area to live.

Then we headed to 12th South!

 First stop: Jeni's.  
I allowed the diabetic to get a small cup of ice cream.  #givemoreinsulin

 I got a scoop of salted peanut butter and chocolate flecks and a scoop of praline and cream.  I can't pick which was better--I liked them both equally!

Then we walked around, and I made sure to take us straight to Draper James!  Dustin loved the store and picked me out a romper he liked and wanted me to get.  I tried it on, but it was too snug in the chest--so sad!

While I was in the dressing room, he overheard that Reese comes in once a month to check on the store and meet with her head fashion designer.  I would die if she had walked in while we were there!

We did LOTS of walking, and my fitbit thanked me!

We stopped in Cool Springs on the way back to grab a quick bite for dinner.  Overall, we had a really fun time and I was so glad the weather cooperated! 

Linking up with Jenn and Jess today!

11 Random Facts + Questions

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Last week, Makensey nominated me for the Liebster Award!  I think the best part about this award is that you get to learn more about a blogger.  I'm going to not follow the rules (first time ever, y'all, because I am a rule follower to a default) and not nominate anyone.  So if you feel like answering these questions and listing 11 facts about yourself, please do because I want to read it!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I used to read a lot of blogs in college and kind of forgot about them once I graduated.  I started reading them again while I was engaged.  After we got married, I told Dustin it was something I wanted to try but I was a little nervous.  I didn't think anyone would want to read what I had to write, so I'm so thankful for the people who read my blog daily!  You make writing fun!

2. What is your blogging 'niche'? What do you most enjoy writing about?
I really enjoy writing about my life and day to day happenings--with a few recipe posts thrown in.

3. What is your drink of choice at Starbucks?
I only started drinking coffee drinks on my last birthday and my first Starbucks drink was a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I like to get a skinny Caramel Machiatto now!

4. What do you do for a living outside of blogland?
I teach seventh grade English (and my patience has grown immensely haha)

5. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Reality TV shows!

6. How would you spend an entire day off to yourself, where money isn't an object?
I would go shopping and buy myself whatever I wanted :)

7. What was your favorite vacation ever?
I love any vacation to the beach, but I think my favorite travel memory wasn't actually a vacation at all.  During my senior year at Alabama, they made it to the National Championship game in Pasadena, CA.  I went with my best friend and two of our guy friends and we made so many memories--that might be the best friend trip I've ever been on!

8. What is your all-time favorite recipe?
That's really hard to choose.  Lately I'm loving most things with quinoa in it!

9. What is your favorite place to shop?
Hands down, Anthropologie!  I also like to get a few things in GAP, too.

10. Who is your celebrity crush?
I've always had a thing for Jake Gyllenhaal haha

11. What is one CD (old school I know) that you could listen to on repeat?
Dave Matthews Band Live at Central Park--I started listening to them in the seventh grade and I prefer live music any day

Now for 11 facts about me:

1. My hair is naturally curly, but I pretty much straighten it every single day.  I've decided to start wearing it curly more often to give it a break from the straightener.

2. I start listening to Christmas music in the beginning of October.

3. When I was in elementary school, my mom used to wake me up early during the week so I could watch an episode of Martha Stewart before having to get ready for school.  I was an adult living in a child's body haha!

4. My best friends in high school were all in my youth group at church and it made high school so much fun :)  We did so many fun things together!

5. I love baking--it's therapeutic.

6. I enjoy listening to sermon podcasts while I'm getting ready in the morning.  I alternate my mornings between listening to music and listening to sermons.  Some of my favorites include Tim Keller and David Platt.

7. My bff Janie and I spontaneously bought plane tickets to Washington DC one time.  We had zero plans for our trip but it ended up being so much fun, and we still laugh about certain things that happened on that trip!

8. My sister and I may not look anything alike, but we have the exact same voice.  There have been times where we've pretended to be the other person on the phone.  It lasts as long as we can go without laughing!

9. I used to bite my nails in elementary school.  When I was in the 5th grade, my gran decided that was enough and told me that she would pay me $10 a finger to stop biting my nails--I had to have them at a length that she felt was acceptable before she paid me.  In the meantime, I went with Gran every week to get a manicure to help me stop biting them.  I was the only 5th grader with professionally manicured nails!  And the manicurist we went to would paint flowers or designs on my nails each week.  My gran passed away the summer before 7th grade, but I know she would be very proud to know that I still don't bite my nails!

10. Speaking of my gran, I remember that she used to take me back to school shopping, too.  I'll never forget one time she told me, "You cannot get anything else that is blue, B!"  Blue was (and still is) my favorite color, and she always called me B or Miss B.  I miss being in another room and hearing her call for B.

Feel free to answer the 11 questions above and then list 11 random facts about yourself!  

Friday Favorites

Friday, March 18, 2016

It's FRIDAY and spring break officially starts at 3 PM today!!  Woohoo!  I am more than ready for a break, and after being with 140 seventh graders all day every day, I need the break :)

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

I saw this on Pinterest one night and died laughing after reading and looking at the picture.  I think for me it would be "We have cookie cake"--I would be right over!

Mom and I were shopping not too long ago and we always go into Williams-Sonoma together.  I get my love of cooking/baking from my momma :)  I saw this display and was so sad that they didn't have this around when I was so obsessed with American Girl.  I would have been all about this partnership between the brands!  And can I add that I still played with my doll in sixth grade....too much??

The weather lately has been AMAZING and definitely a FAVORITE!  We spontaneously decided to go eat at Mellow Mushroom one night so that we could eat out on the patio.  The weather was perfect, and so was my date!  He did tell me to caption this picture "My two loves" since his truck is in the background haha.
You can see my newly dyed blonde hair!

I received my copy of Kristin Cavallari's book and have already started reading it.  Let me tell you, I am impressed.  She talks a lot about healthy living and so I'm learning from her about some of the better food choices that she's learned to make.  Plus, I totally was into Laguna Beach back in high school, and she talks about it some, too.  (I got to visit Laguna Beach once--way too crowded!!  This was right after the show went off and right before they started The Hills.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Confessional Thursday

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Thursday, y'all!  Can you believe it's already the end of the week?  Spring break is inching closer and I am so ready.  We've got sixth grade orientation today so my first three classes will have half the students in them, and tomorrow we are back n the computer lab finishing typing our expository essays--then it's freedom for a week!

Lots of bloggers I follow participate in the Confessional Thursday link up, so I decided to try it out!

1. I have made myself a morning person after getting married.  Every morning during the weekday, I am up at 5 AM.  I get my blog reading done, start laundry, put away dishes--you name it and I'm up doing it.  When I don't have to work, I'm up anywhere between 6:30-7:30.  I prefer being up early rather than staying up late--10 PM is late for me!

2. I'm a very fast reader!  There have been many times where I've read whole books in one day.  That talent came in handy many times in college when I would wait last minute to read for my lit classes :)

3. I love eating pizza so much--I just don't eat it very often since I track my calories.  I had enough calories left for dinner last night, so we went to Mellow Mushroom sit on the patio and eat pizza!!
I tried the Thai Dye from Mellow Mushroom!  Two slices of a small pizza were 740 calories.  I had A LOT of calories left over for dinner because I didn't eat very much during the school day.

4. I am very much into routines.  As much as I love going on vacation, I'm always ready to get back home so I can get back into a routine.

5. My husband is a Type I diabetic and has been since he was 4 years old.  I always get really nervous before we go on vacation together because I worry about him having low blood sugars in the mornings and if I would have to call for help.  

6. I've been wearing reading glasses since the third grade, but because my eyes are continuing to get worse, my reading glasses now have transformed into wearing them whenever I need my eyes to focus.  I hope I don't ever have to wear glasses full-time and I'm definitely not ever wearing contacts--not touching my eye, thank you!

7. I had a student write an essay about how I was her favorite teacher.  Her three reasons: my clothes, make up, and personality.  Although it was the sweetest thing ever (and I learned how observant she is haha), not once did she mention anything about my teaching style.  Guess she hasn't learned anything in my class--she only checks out my clothes each day haha!

8. Speaking of clothes (which are my absolute fav), I almost majored in fashion merchandising instead of English.  I prayed about it for a week in college right before I had to really make a decision about which route I was going to take, and I really felt like the Lord was calling me to English.  I knew that if I went the fashion route, I would get so caught up in labels to where they would become my identity--and not the Lord.  So I teach English in nice outfits haha!

Sense of Sarah: My Favorite Morphe Brushes

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I have recently become obsessed with Sephora (enough to become a VIB in early February ha) and Jaclyn Hill thanks to my bestie, Kristi.  First of all, if you've never watched Jaclyn on must!  I love her personality and the different looks that she creates--even if I would never try one of her many looks.  (And I actually apply my face make up the way I do because she taught me!)  

On one of my many trips to Sephora, I befriended a girl that works there because she would always give me good tips about make up.  I told her that I loved watching Jaclyn, and she said that she did too!  Then I asked her if she used any of the Morphe brushes that Jaclyn uses because I had though about trying them myself.  The she let me in on a little secret--she only uses Morphe brushes because not only are they much cheaper than brushes sold at Sephora, but they are better quality.  That's all I needed to hear to make my mind up about ordering!

This post is not sponsored by Morphe, but I'm writing this because I love these make up brushes so much!

I use this brush to apply and blend my highlighter to my upper cheekbone and tip of my nose.  It's really soft which is perfect for applying something so light.

I use this brush to apply my translucent powder on top of my concealer.  Jaclyn would call this "baking."  This brush is more dense which is needed when you're wanting to really apply a powder to a certain area.  I also love that it's tapered and that helps get right under your eye.

This is my favorite foundation brush ever!!!!  It doesn't soak up the foundation and it applies it to where it looks airbrushed on, but it also gives me great coverage.  I will never use another brush for my foundation now that I've found this one!

Like I said, these brushes are super affordable but they are awesome quality!  Jaclyn uses the M501 and M439 , and she used Morphe brushes on her own before they began to sponsor her.

This is the first part in a series about make up!

What type of make up brushes do you use?

Linking up with Jenn and Jess today!

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