Weekend Recap!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Can you believe it's February 29th?  I'm so ready for March because I feel like that brings spring-like weather (and spring break), and February happens to be extra-long ha!  Such a tease!

This weekend was full of lots of rest and quality time.  I didn't get pictures of everything we did, but we definitely did a lot.

Started it out with a filling breakfast--I'm really loving the Ezekiel break English muffins.


We've been together almost 5 years and have never gone bowling together--so crazy, I know!  I forgot to mention to D that I was pretty good at bowling hahaha

Saturday I took lots of pictures of me in clothes so I'll bypass that.  We also went out to eat that night with my in-laws after Dustin got off work.

Sunday had the most amazing weather!  After church we headed to the river to walk on the trail--the weather spoiled me for sure.  Spring, where are you?

Letting me know what all we could do with a boat ;)

We ended the night by having my sister and her husband over.  We snacked on a cheese tray (goat, smoked gouda, and cheddar) before eating deer burgers and sweet potato fries.  That was definitely my cheat meal of the week.

Happy Monday!
Don't forget to vote in the Presidential Primary!  For Alabamians, it's tomorrow!  It's so important to vote--we have the freedom to vote, so get out there and make your vote count!

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  1. Look at you with your bowling self, rock it out!

  2. Bowling is so much fun - I feel like I don't do that enough! Great that you guys were able to get outside and enjoy the great weather! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. We haven't been bowling in a while, much to my husband's chagrin...he loves it. I should add that to a weekend soon, so we can go and have a great time like you guys! :)
    The weather was SO nice this weekend--glad you got to enjoy some of it, too!

  4. I love bowling!! So happy you guys soaked up a gorgeous weekend and can I take that cheese board to work for my lunch, lol!!! ;-)

  5. We haven't been bowling in forever! It's always such a fun alternative for a night out!

  6. I'm so enjoying the spring-like weather here in Texas, too! I love a good cheese tray :) Yum!

  7. The weather was amazing here this weekend as well! We spent all afternoon outside! I'm incredibly ready for spring as well!
    Lindsay's Sweet World

  8. We went bowling this weekend as well - I forgot just how much fun it is! Cheese would totally be my cheat meal too!

  9. It sounds like you had such a fun and relaxing weekend! I've been loving the warmer weather we've been having having lately, and I don't want it to end! That cheese tray looks so delicious, and I definitely would've used that as my cheat meal too!

  10. I've wondered how that Ezekiel bread tastes, good to know you like it! I love that y'all went bowling, what a fun date!

  11. Ah we love bowling! Except in our house Derek's the good one and I usually get bored after like half the round haha! Love the cheese plate!

  12. Oh my goodness! I am TERRIBLE at bowling. The last time I went, I scored a 20. Yes, a TWENTY! The cheese plate looks lovely!!

  13. That cheese plate looks delicious! Love your cutting board.


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