House Tour Tuesday--February 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Today is my favorite day of the month for my blog!  It's House Tour Tuesday!!!  Whoop Whoop!  

I am SO excited to show y'all today's home.  Katherine and I graduated high school together and we both graduated from The University of Alabama.  I was so excited to photograph her home because from the bits and pieces I've seen of it on Facebook and Instagram, I knew it was gorgeous.  I just wasn't prepared for HOW GORGEOUS her home is!  When I got home Sunday afternoon after photographing her home, I went through my house thinking about the possible projects I could start!

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Let's check out Katherine's home!

 Please try not to drool over what greets you as you walk up to her front door.  I knew immediately that I was in for a treat!

Her entryway is so welcoming to guests and I love how she has styled this small dresser.

Katherine's office/craft room might be my favorite room in the house, and I bet it becomes your favorite room, too!  Her desk is a kitchen table!  SUCH a great idea because she said it was big enough to craft on whereas a regular desk wouldn't be big enough.  Genius!

I have a close up of this a few pictures down.  She found this on the side of the road!  Why can't I find good things on the side of the road like this?

I need this in my house!

This is her husband's office.  I love how both offices have very different vibes to them.  Hers is very feminine and his is masculine without being too manly.

Katherine has an open-concept living area.  I'm a huge fan of this since we have it too!  Don't you love the colors?

Her living room has a very comfortable feeling to it.

This repainted dresser add the perfect pop of color to the living room.  (I need something like this in my house!)

This "window seat" used to be her TV console in college.  She and her mom repurposed it by repainting and making a cushion for the top.

Fun fact:  Katherine's cabinets used to be a very dark color--either black or a very dark brown.  She and her mom stripped and repainted.  I love it so much!

The perfect touch!

Part of her table centerpiece came from a local store that I immediately began following on Instagram--I've got to stop by there to buy things for my house!

Olivia's nursery is FABULOUS!!

Hallway gallery wall

Guest bath

I love the colors she used in her guest bedroom!  The headboard is my favorite!

Master bedroom monogram--don't we all need this??

As soon as we walked into her bathroom, I complimented her on her picture above the tub thinking it was a canvas.  Nope, it's a poster that she made into a picture!  Aren't you jealous of how crafty Katherine is?  I seriously wish I had an ounce of the craft gene.

This is another poster!

I am in love with her back porch!  The curtains (which are drop cloths) would be perfect to shield the sun on a bright day.

Don't you love everything about Katherine's house?  I am so thankful that she allowed me to come and photograph her home!  I hope you are able to get a few good ideas to decorate your home!

Katherine was so kind to answer a few questions about her home!

1.  What’s your favorite thing about your house?  
My favorite part of my home has to be the unique pieces that fill it.  I look around every day and see a story or a memory I have shared with my friends and family.  I'm not the type of person who goes into one store and furnishes her entire space in one shopping trip.  My home and decor is constantly changing as I find things here and there or happen on a great deal.  I have my amazingly creative mother to thank for that!

2.  If you were to build again, what is something that you would do differently?  
I know a man designed the layout of air vents in my bathroom!  It gets hot in there when you are trying to get ready in a I would pay more attention to the amount of ventilation in the bedroom  and bathroom in my next home.  My house is an open concept with great natural light, however, my next house will have more natural light in the kitchen.  I also am a sucker for a white kitchen, so I think my next house will have white cabinets and a white counter top of some sort.  We painted our dark cabinets in a weekend DIY project so they were not always this color!  I also want a larger laundry space with a utility sink (a nice dog washing sink)...we have to take care of our fur baby Charlie!  I will definitely channel my inner Joanna Gaines in my next house!   

 3.  What’s your favorite memory that you have made in your house?
It has to be the day we brought home our sweet Olivia.  This house will always hold a special place in my heart because she spent her first moments of life in this space.

4.  Any plans for your house in the future?  
We will try to get some more landscaping knocked out this year.  I am also trying to talk my sweet husband into letting me switch out his office and my craft room before Olivia starts crawling.  I usually keep my space a little more tidy than he does (which bodes well for a crawler)! ;)

5.  What’s your favorite store to shop for home décor?
I am random when it comes to places to shop.  I'm also all about a good deal...I don't like paying retail for anything.  That's what I love most about our house...every piece has a story behind it.  I loved going to the auction they had in Hartselle; I snagged several good pieces for a great deal when they first started.  I love flea markets, antique boutiques, and I keep my eyes out when driving down the road....that's how I happened on my then wire bakers rack now turned craft room wrapping station.  I also love to hit up Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Target.  A fabulous local shop I love for special pieces is Sweet Pineapple home boutique in Huntsville.  The owner is a sweetheart and she has some great items if you are looking for something unique to top off the decor in your space.  She is also my go to for gifts!

By the way, I am open to selling my make an offer!!  :)


  1. Such a cute home!!! I love how it has so much character with all the different pieces. The nursery is definitely a favorite...the colors are just so sweet! And you are right, everyone needs a monogram in the master bedroom!

  2. What a gorgeous house! I love that she repurposed a tv console as a window seat! So many pretty touches--I totally love her taste!

  3. Her office space is so cute and I love the way they decorated the nursery! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. What a gorgeous home! Can she come and decorate mine?!

  5. Such a beautiful home! And I love her daughter's name! ;o) (My baby girl's name is Olivia as well.)

  6. Why is looking into someone's home always so fun! I love the offices the most here, they are really well done. Her husband's is actually really, really cute! And she did a great job with the open concept. What a cute house!!

  7. Love these posts! Next time I'm in Huntsville I'm going to have to stop at that home boutique :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. I can't believe she painted those cabinets! They look great! I have always wanted white cabinets but I'm scared that the paint finish won't look as good as new doors. Do she have any tips?? Also, her daughter's room is adorable!

  9. I love the pops of yellow she's added throughout the house! I'm a little partial to their master bedroom because we share the same bedding! Love this HOME they've created!


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