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Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Monday morning and I'm typing this while sitting in front of the fire with the Today Show on the TV.  I love off days!  MLK day comes at the perfect time in January because it's like you need a little short break from school even though you just had two weeks off at Christmas.  Plus, it's cold today, so it was nice to not have to get up at 5 AM and get ready.  

Here's a little look at what I did this weekend:

I woke up Saturday morning and finished my grad school homework for the week and submitted it.  I had already finished everything for one class and just needed to finish an assignment for my other class.  Then I headed to the gym.  (Also, Saturdays are for washing sheets.)

Janie came into town on Saturday so we had plans to meet at the local coffee shop to grab a cup (since I'm a coffee drinker and all haha) but it was closed #smalltownprobs.  So we went to McDonalds to grab a McCafe.  I wish we lived in the same town again!

Then I headed to Bridge Street to do some shopping.  My main reason for going was to go to Sephora to pick up some retinol night cream by Philosophy.  It turns out that they were out of the regular size tube and only had the large one--for $75.  Since I haven't ever used it before, I just decided to order it and headed over to Anthropologie to check out their sale on sale.  They didn't have anything I liked in the sale area, and I had been eyeing this dress since it came out so I got it!

Then I walked over to DSW to find some white Converse.  I've needed a casual shoe to wear with skinny jeans and a t-shirt or casual top.  I pretty much only own skinny jeans and I got tired of wearing moccasin flats with t-shirts.  Now I can look like all of my students haha! #foreveryoung

For supper, I headed over to my favorite grocery store to eat off of their salad bar.  Seriously, it's so good!

Late Saturday night I turned on the fight on Showtime.  Weird fact about me:  My dad's side loves boxing and I can remember going to family gatherings as young as elementary school age to watch a rented fight.  I even watched the fight where Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear!  Anyway, a guy from Tuscaloosa was defending his heavyweight title against a Polish guy so I watched that fight--it was a great fight!!!  Oh and he won so Tuscaloosa is filled with championship titles!  Roll Tide!

Sunday morning I went to church and then came home and changed into my regular clothes to go grocery shopping.  I'm loving these shoes!

And since Dustin had been gone since Thursday to go hunting, I was very excited when he got home Sunday afternoon!  It was getting very lonely around the house.  He also shot at a big doe and hit her, but since it was right before dark, he had a hard time tracking her through the thick stuff.  Then he couldn't find her on Sunday after his morning hunt, so no deer for us :(  One more off weekend for Dustin during deer season and then I get my husband back!

My mom and stepdad cooked us steaks on Sunday night.  Look at how cute my mom is.

They were so excited to take a picture haha!

Love the height difference between Dustin and Rachel!

Our steaks were so good and my brother-in-law brought pheasant that he had killed on Saturday and it was great!  I ended Sunday night prepping a healthy cinnamon apply oatmeal recipe in the crockpot to cook overnight.  It was so good this morning that I'll be blogging the recipe soon.

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  1. That dress is sooo cute! Sounds like a good weekend!

  2. Such a fun weekend! I love that y'all were forced into a McDonalds hangout haha! :)

  3. Last night sounds like the best way to end the weekend! Enjoy your day off!

  4. Cant wait for that recipe! I'm freezing lately and I would love a hot breakfast waiting for me in the morning!


  5. Love the dress and shoes! Super cute!! Doesn't it just make your day when parents call and say they're cooking for you?! Enjoy your day off!

  6. Those shoes are a cute buy That you will get a it if good out of. How stinkin' CUTE are you guys, so glad you're man came home! Your mama is adorable, bet that's where you get it! ;-)

  7. That dress and those Converse are SO cute! I think I'm going to need to invest in a pair of those shoes. Do you wear yours to school?

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love the dress from Anthro you got! :)

  9. Your weekend sounds so nice and relaxing. Love those Converse...I got a pair last year and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. And I love that sweatshirt you have on! It looks so cozy. Such a bummer Dustin couldn't find his deer...deer sausage sounds so yummy! Hope you had a great day off!

  10. LOVE those shoes!! Glad you had a good weekend! So jealous of your day off today! I'm counting down the days until I have another day off lol


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