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Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's here!  It's here!  I have been waiting (not so patiently) for this link up.  This link up was born out of a shared love of reading between Victoria and I.  I am SO excited to get some great book recommendations and make my reading list for 2016.  Trust me, once I graduate from grad school in May, I will be reading all summer long!

First I want to recap the books I read in December 2015....all two of them.  I had big plans on reading a lot since I had a month long break from grad school, but instead I watched a million Christmas movies.

I saw this movie preview when I saw Mockingjay Part 2 and it looked interesting.  Then I had a student read the book one day while in class.  She let me borrow it once she finished it and once I started reading it, I could not put it down!  It's a thick book, but the action is so suspenseful that you really won't be able to stop reading it once you start.  If you like books like The Hunger Games, Divergent (even though that one wasn't my fav), or anything that has a dystopian society, you will want to read this!

And this leads me into the second book I read in December...the sequel!

Again, so entertaining and suspenseful.  The only bad part?  It ended and I have to wait until May for the third book to come out.

Below are a few of the books I enjoyed reading during 2015....
(click on each title to read more)

This book is based on a true story of the last woman who was sentenced to death in Iceland.  It sounded so boring and not my typical book, but since it was part of my book club, I read it and I'm so glad I did.  I really felt bad for the main character and it was sad knowing it was a true story.

I loved that this book was told from two different life stories.  Both stories started from the same bar and it showed us, the reader, what the main character's life would be like if she left the bar in two different ways.  Very interesting and I liked it!  It also had two different love stories, so yeah..I liked it!

Multiple life stories are intertwined with the story of how wine is made.  The main character shows up at her parents' vineyard in her wedding dress after seeing her fiancé with another woman.  Read the book to find out what happens!

I loved Eight Hundred Grapes so much that I bought this book right after reading the first.  The main characters long-term relationship ends and she marries another guy after knowing him a very short time.  Then guy #1 shows back up and she questions her new marriage.  I thought I was going to be mad reading this book but it turned out exactly how I wanted it to!

This is a young adult lit book about kids from the 80s.  Two unlikely kids fall in love for the first time in their life.  This isn't a fairytale ending because unfortunately, it's real life for some kids.  I wish I could read this with my students but language and mature content prevents me from doing that.

This book was suspenseful in that I really could not figure out what was going on!  Dustin read this book and liked it--and Dustin does not read haha!   I'm not into legal thrillers, but this book was SO good!  (Another book club pick)

Like the rest of America, I'm obsessed with the royal family.  I read this and dreamed about what it would be like if I never met Dustin and instead married William or Harry.  (Since you're reading this Dustin, know that I am so glad I married you and I wouldn't wish for anything to be different!)

This was another book club pick and another book I wish I could read with my students.  Read this and it will keep you guessing the whole time.


  1. So excited to check out all the books people have been reading! Thanks for hosting.

  2. I'm gonna add The 5 Wave to my list to read--thanks for the rec!!

  3. Adding the first husband to my list!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I honestly have not read a book in FOREVER-but now that I am finally done with grad school I want to get back into it! I think I will try out The 5 Wave and make my husband read it, too! Great post!

  5. I loved Eleanor and Park! It's such a cute story. I want to read The Royal We but I can't find it at the library :(


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