A Day in the Life--January 5, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Remember next Thursday that Victoria and I are hosting a link up of book reviews and/or recommendations, so we can make our reading lists for 2016!  I've got two new books to share, and then I'm going to review some of my favorites that I read in 2015.

On our first day back to school last year, I did a Day in the Life post (click here) and so I decided to do it again to see how much has changed (or hasn't changed haha) in a year!

Wake up time is much earlier this year than last year!  Don't worry, this is just twice a week that I do this and only because it's very hard to work out in the afternoons while I'm in grad school.  And because I woke up so early yesterday morning, I had to go to bed earlier Monday night to prepare myself, so I DVR'd The Bachelor to watch it the next night.

Headed to my 5 AM class at the gym--yay!  (No pictures after since I hobbled back into the house and straight to the shower.)

A quick breakfast of my Special K Protein bar and Spark while I'm getting ready.

During my planning period I had to have a snack of almonds because I was starving!  I also had a few lists going of things to accomplish and the blue book is the novel we start reading on Monday.

I went over components of a narrative essay today and how it differs from a short story.

Then I was able to leave school before 3:30!  I went home straight after school yesterday but the whole time I was driving, I kept trying to think of something that I was forgetting to do or if I had somewhere to be.  It's been so unnatural lately for me to be free after school, but I didn't argue!  Grad school starts back Monday--yuck!

When I got home I lit my candle, turned on Friends, put away dry dishes, and washed breakfast and lunch dishes.

Then I separated some laundry and decided to do two small loads in order to stay on top of things.  I try to do one load of laundry every day or every other day.

Then I watched TV for an hour and a half!!!!!!!!

My husband got home at 6 and I snapped this of him while he's unloading his massive lunch box.

We ate a quick pizza dinner--by the way, the DiGiorno's Pizzeria Thin Crust Spinach and Mushroom pizza is the healthiest pizza I can find in the frozen foods section.  Half of the pizza is 500 calories!  We eat dinner every night at the dinner table--it's something that's extremely important to me.  No supper in front of the TV!!

This is 1/4th of the pizza!

Then my friend Rachel from school brought me a Starbucks K cup to try since she saw me with a cup of coffee on Monday.  I used to hate coffee so much and then I recently turned 28 and now like it!  And my husband says what I like isn't coffee, but lattes and mochas from Starbucks are totally coffee.

Then Janie called me and told me she found 6 foot Christmas trees on sale for $7 at Walmart!  I had her buy me two and then found out that they were only $5!!  FIVE DOLLARS Y'ALL!  I will find places to put these trees next year!

Then I watched The Bachelor from Monday night.  Lace = crazy!  And Ben is so cute.

This guy watched it too without admitting it haha!

After The Bachelor was over, I took a quick shower (what I do every night before bed) and did my quiet time.  I'm doing the Genesis study in the She Reads Truth app right now.

I would love to say I slept great last night--especially since I had been up since 4:15--but Dustin woke up in the middle of the night and had low blood sugar, so I was up for that.  Thankfully he woke up though and told me!

Linking up with Jenn today!


  1. I love these posts and getting a peek into your every day life!! That pizza looked really good I need to try to find it!! You get a ton done in your day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. This is such a great post! I so want to do one, but always forget to start taking pictures at the beginning of the day! That's super awesome you are getting up that early and making it to the gym. Dedication! And that pizza looks delicious...I definitely need to check out that.

  3. I love getting a peak into your everyday life! Love your kitchen too!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  4. So fun to get a sneak peek into your every day!

  5. WOW good for you for getting up so early in the am! I bet it feels so awesome after you have that workout done :-) so fun seeing the ins and outs of your day!

  6. Love this and way to go with the early gym girlfriend!! xo

  7. I love these kind of posts!!! I have been wanting to do one of these for a long time. Hoping I can remember to do one soon!! I wish I Could wake up that early, it's so hard for me to lol. I haven't watched The Bachelor since I was in college but when I did Matthew would always act like he was doing homework on his laptop but would really be watching it lol he still won't admit it!

  8. I love this so much, haha! You have me needing to get better about laundry. I do about two huge loads a week and I need to change that habit haha. Laundry is by far the housekeeping thing I am the worst at!

  9. Love this post and your blog is so cute! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit mine, and I look forward to the book list link-up! Have a great day! -Lisa

  10. I teach too! 11th grade reading. What about you?


  11. I loved seeing the events of your day. You got a lot accomplished plus you had some downtime-win!

  12. Love these kind of posts, and I love that your class is reading Star Girl! I read that when I was in Junior High and loved it :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  13. Where is the image (on your lock screen) from? I love it!


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