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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Since I updated my blog layout in October, I added a few new categories on the left hand side.  One of them has been empty since October--the Sense of Sarah link.  This is a new series that I am starting where I'm going to be writing posts that center around something that is uniquely me.  Something that makes :)

My first one today is on the hair products I use.  When I had really long hair I never used any hair products.  I sometimes used a heat protectant for my flat iron.  Just to let you know how easy my hair was to maintain, when I was in college I only washed my hair at night so I could sleep in later in the morning.  I would just wake up and straighten it before heading to class or going wherever I needed to go that day.

My hair was still pretty long when I got married but it was super blonde.  The one thing I got commented on the most about my hair was how healthy it looked.  I can credit that to the girl who does my hair and the shampoo that I use!  

Pictured are the products I LOVE:

1. Proclaim Glossing  Conditioner /Shampoo :   
Pictured here is the conditioner but I use the separate shampoo too.  My secret to super healthy (fake blonde) hair is ethnic shampoo!  It really has helped my hair to stay healthy.  

Super blonde hair on my wedding day

2. Aveda Phomollient :
I put this in my hair after I towel dry it right before I dry my hair.  Since I have short hair that is more high maintenance, I tease my hair a little each day.  This gives my hair something to hold onto when I tease it and helps it stay all day long.

3. Aveda Brilliant Spray:

I use this as a detangler before I comb out my damp hair.  A few sprays and the wet comb glides right through my hair!  This spray actually helps to protect your hair against damage, but I love that it detangles my hair, too.

4. Aveda Control Force Hair Spraiy:
I never...I repeat, never used hair spray on my hair before I cut it off.  I hated it.  I hated how it made my hair feel, and if I accidentally sprayed too much, then I was stuck with nasty feeling hair the rest of the day.  Well not this stuff.  You can brush it out and respray if you need too--but that doesn't weaken the hold.  It's so weird how they created the perfect product, but they did. 

5. A Pick: 
I use this everyday when I tease my hair!  I might have paid a dollar and it's so useful


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the idea of a "sense of sarah"! Such a great idea. I need to check out those products...I cannot believe you never used hairspray before you chopped your hair! That is just crazy talk!

  2. This is such a great new category! PS- your bridal portrait is beautiful!

  3. Love this series! I agree, I use way more products when my hair is short! My hair is naturally a curly-mess so it takes a few more products to tame mine ;)

  4. I'm so glad you're doing this series, this is so fun!! I'm also shocked you never used hair spray! I wish mine would hold curl without it. :)


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