Thanksgiving Break in Pictures

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving break is over and it's back to the real world today.  I can't believe that there's only three weeks left until we're out for Christmas break--time will fly by!  Yesterday started the Advent season, and if you don't have a devotion that you do during this season, I highly recommend the She Reads Truth Advent devotional.  The past two years I've done both of John Piper's devotions, and I've loved them so much.  But he didn't put out a new one, so I'm doing She Reads Truth!

This break was filled with lots of family gatherings, and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Dustin and I take for granted the amount of family gatherings we have to attend in a short amount of time, but when I step back and think about it, I realize how blessed we are because some don't have any family gatherings to attend.  

These are pictures of just a few of the things we did this break.

I took off work Tuesday since we had a Friendsgiving at our house that night.  I wanted the whole day to clean and prepare for that night.

I started my morning with an egg white and Advocare Spark breakfast and read my favorite blog.

Lunch with my dad at my favorite place after we made a quick run to Hobby Lobby.

Wednesday night we did Thanksgiving with Dustin's dad's side.  This is who I married ha :)

Thanksgiving day started with lunch at my mom's. 

I didn't get any pictures of the rest of our Thanksgiving day, but we also went to my dad's side and Dustin's parents.  I didn't want to look at food anymore after all of that!

On Black Friday, my mom met me at my house at 4:30 AM and we headed to Lowe's to see if I could get Dustin the present he wanted.
(Notice my mom fixed her hair and put on make up.  And I woke up, brushed my teeth, and bobby pinned yesterday's hair.)

Our next stop was Cabela's.  This is only part of the line!  It was insane!

We then headed to Bridge Street where we did a lot of shopping!

Later that day, my sister asked if I wanted to go to Lowe's with her (a different one than that morning) to look for some stuff for her house.  I decided to just see if this Lowe's had the present Dustin wanted since the one that morning didn't--they did!  I bought it and Dustin had to pick it up that night after he got off of work.  He can't open it until Christmas!

Saturday Rachel and I went to the gym.  Then we did a little grocery shopping together.  Apparently I'm a slow grocery shopper, and this is Rachel's "I'm happy to finally be in the check out line" face!

Sunday I wore a Black Friday purchase to church!  My top looks like a sweater, but it's a sweatshirt!!!!!!  

It's a high-low hem--I love it so much that I ordered another one online!

Mom and I also saw Love the Coopers.  Don't expect a funny movie and you won't be let down.  It wasn't my favorite and it wouldn't bother me if I never watched it again.

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  1. Girl I'm so impressed you battled the crowds for black friday shopping and got the gift for your husband - that's always a great one to get knocked off the list!! Perfect weekend that will make today a little harder to get into lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Impressed you got up at 4:30 to go shopping! I shopped online this year instead ahah.

  3. What a nice break! So much time with the family, which is always so nice. Definitely are blessed to have everyone close by to get to them in a few days! My mom and I did the early shopping, too. Always one of my favorite things, even if it is crazy early!

  4. I'm doing the SRT advent devotional too.. and I love our matching sweatshirts! YAY!

  5. I braved Black Friday too AND wore my Patagonia hoodie haha!

  6. Looks like such a fun Thanksgiving Break! Let the countdown to Christmas begin :)

  7. Looks like a great weekend - you had so many times to celebrate Thanksgiving, what fun! Glad you finally found his gift!

  8. Love those style shirts. Looks great on you! So cozy.


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