House Tour Tuesday--October 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy Home Tour Tuesday!  This series has grown to be one of my most favorite things on my blog!  If you're anything like I am, you love looking into people's homes to see how they decorated their home.  I get some of my best inspiration from looking inside someone else's home!

To see my last two tours, click here for August and here for September.

This month we're touring the home of my friend Hailey.  She teaches seventh grade English with me and so we talk about a million times a day--and her classroom is super cute, so you know her home will be!  Hailey has a gift that I do not have--craftiness, and it shines throughout her home.  She and her husband bought a foreclosure and turned it into the cutest home!  Let's take a tour :)

 Welcome to Hailey's home!

 The view from the front door.  Don't you already love it?

 Her living room

 The lighting was a little dark but don't you love how she mixed the masculinity of the deer head with the femininity of the china dishes?  I'm all about mixing masculine design with feminine design in my home so I loved this area of her living room!

 I love her fireplace and how she's decorated the mantle.  

 Her dining room

 I love the color of her china cabinet!

 I really like how she painted her cabinets--it feels like a really good mix between French country and shabby chic.

 Breakfast nook inside the kitchen.  She's inspired me to get place mats for my table!  (Although the last time I had a runner on our breakfast table, Dustin spilled a bottle of white sauce all over it and I had to throw it away.  I'll need to get washable place mats haha!)

 The boys' bathroom--Hailey has two little boys who are two and four months.  I love how big this bathroom is!

 Okay, this is my favorite area in her house.  This is a wall in her hallway.  She has both her and her husband's wedding picture and invitation framed, and then she has wedding pictures from their grandparents.  So so sweet!

 Look at the seating area at the end of the hallway!  I would have never have thought to do this but I love it!

 Shane's room--he's the baby.  It's a fishing theme and she pretty much made everything in here.  Don't you wish you were crafty like her?

 Rhett's room was done in a hunting theme--perfect for a little boy!

 I love the details that Hailey adds around each room in her house!

 Master bedroom

 I love how she made her bed--straight out of Pottery Barn!

 Master bath

Before I left I had to get an up close picture of her dining room table centerpiece!  Seriously, I love it!

Hailey was kind enough to answer a few questions!

1. What's your favorite thing about your house?​ 
I love the floor plan. A lot of older homes, like ours, have all of the bedrooms on one end of the house. I love being right across the hall from my kids. I also love that it has a dining room in addition to the eat-in kitchen. The front bathroom is another thing that I love. There is so much room in there! It even has an enormous linen closet!​

2. If you were to build again, what is something that you would do differently?
​ We do plan to build some day, so we have been making a mental list of the things that we DO NOT want in a home when we build. I'll start with the outside. Ha ha. We don't have much of a porch right now, and what we do have is basically right on the ground. This time of year, leaves fly in the house every time we open the door! We definitely want a big porch some day, and we want it built up off of the ground. I also want a foyer when you come in the front door instead of just an entry way. I think it makes a home feel more inviting. I want more cabinet space in my kitchen, a bigger master bath, and a media room/office. You said something... not some things. Sorry! Ha ha.​

3. What’s your favorite memory that you have made in your house?
​ My favorite memory would have to be bringing both of our babies home to this house. I've also enjoyed having family and friends over. I've hosted many  birthday parties and a few showers in this house. 
​ ​
4. Any plans for your house in the future?
​ SELL! This house had been foreclosed on prior to us buying it three  years ago. We got an amazing deal on it, along with a $5,000 repair escrow. We were able to use that money to make A LOT of changes to the house, which bumped up the value significantly from when we purchased it. There are a few things we need to work on before we are ready to sell the house. I never did anything to the laundry room, so it still has an 80s teal and apricot wall paper on the walls! I really would like to paint and freshen up the laundry room and add shelves to make it a laundry room/walk-in pantry. Also, we have a very unsightly, huge oak tree in the front yard that sucks every bit of moisture out of the ground. It's made it impossible for us to keep shrubs alive. We really need to cut it down before we list our house!

5. What’s your favorite store to shop for home décor?

​ ​
If money were no object, I would say Pottery Barn

​. Realistically though, I love Target, Ross, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx. A lot of my most favorite pieces came from antique stores. Papaw's Porch in Hartselle has some really unique items, and I like to browse for pieces there any chance I get. I also like junk-type stores. I consider myself pretty thrifty, and I like to find a bargain!

Thank you, Hailey, for letting us inside your home!


  1. LOVE all your house tours! Such a warm, inviting home! I love how she did the cabinets, as well as the master bathroom. And you took the words right out of my mouth with the deer head and the china plates. The nursey is adorable, especially the wall hanging above it...I love a good monogram!

  2. Her entry way is adorable and I love her placemat/napkins on the table!

  3. I love this :) Your house is adorable and so cozy!!!!

  4. Yay I love these on your blog!! That kitchen! Those cabinets! I LOVE them!!! Such a cute house!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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