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Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy (early) Halloween!  Friday has rolled around again and I cannot believe that we're at the end of October!  I feel like October just started and now it's almost over!  Is this a sign that I'm getting older?

I'm linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites!

Wednesday night my church had a Trunk or Treat.  I didn't sign up for a trunk because I was sure I would still be working on the 3 grad school projects I had this week.  But I worked endlessly on all of that homework until I finished....on Wednesday afternoon right before Trunk or Treat started!  So I called my sister and told her I would be able to hang out with her.  I showed up after I ate supper and she had decorated her trunk super cute and of course her child dog Ralphie was dressed as Superman.  This night was a FAVORITE of mine!

One of my friends/coworkers has started a new diet and workout plan.  She's doing so good and she works out at 4:15 in the mornings!  Well, I've always loved my sleep in the mornings before school started but because I'm so overwhelmed with grad school, I haven't been working out in the afternoons AT ALL.  I have lost all motivation.  So Wednesday night I was reading my new Shape magazine and found a workout that I could do!  It involved sprinting on the treadmill and then doing kettlebell exercises.  I set my alarm for 4:40 AM Thursday morning to head to the gym to try out this work out and it's now a FAVORITE!  I was soaked in sweat by the time I finished and it's supposed to really rev up your metabolism.  Now that I've gotten up early and survived, my goal is to do that every Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school and also on Saturdays.

Students who bring me my FAVORITE Halloween candy are the best!  I ate probably 15 of the pretzel/hershey kiss bites.  I shouldn't have but I ate really healthy the whole day--other than those haha!

Here's to watching LOTS of movies on the Hallmark channel this weekend and handing out candy on Saturday night!


  1. Yay for kids who bring you candy for Halloween! My SIL did a trunk or treat with her kids and it looked like a lot of fun!
    Hope you have a good Halloween weekend!

  2. We did trunk or treat and Lily loved it and then got scared :( She did not like all the masks
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  3. You're really calling my name with that workout! I've been having late night classes this entire semester (leaving home around 8-9 AM and coming home around 7-8 PM, so I've had zero time to go to the gym (especially if I want to see my husband at all!) So if you can get up and exercise before 5 AM, I bet I could too! Thanks for the motivation :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. Happy Halloween! I may have to try that workout as well! I have struggled this semester with workout motivation :( Have a great weekend :)

  5. I most definitely need to start a work out routine. But I'm like you, I like my sleep! And I love Hallmark movies, especially the Christmas ones. Stopping by from Friday Favorites and am your newest follower! Happy Weekend!


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