The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 8

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Today's prompt for The Blog-tember Challenge is a fun one!  But haven't they all been fun so far?  I had fun writing this one!

Day 8: Tell us about your favorite season.  Why is it your favorite and what does it say about you?

My answer to this one might be different from everyone else's.  My favorite season is the last day of school - December 25th.  I love summer through Christmas!  I actually thought about putting October as my favorite season because it's my birthday month (and we all know birthdays are a holiday) but then I was afraid of what that might say about me haha!  Let me explain why I picked such a wide range of the year...


As a teacher, summer is my favorite because of a "break" from school.  I say break loosely because if you have a teacher in your family, then you know there's never really a break at all.  There's required workshops over the summer, workshops that aren't required but you've been asked to go to, lesson planning, and working in your classroom before school starts.  But when I'm not busy with any of that, I'm enjoying the beautiful weather!  I love the freedom summer brings to my daily schedule--the freedom to wake up early or sleep in, the freedom to choose if I want to be a homebody that day, the freedom to eat somewhere other than the school cafeteria, and the freedom to stay up later.  I love summer!

Here we are just a couple of weeks before we got married about to enjoy a day out on the river!  Ol Shaneyfelt was pointing to my new monogram because he was excited about that becoming official!


 I love this quote--not because it's written by Fitzgerald--but because it's so true.  There's something about the crispness in the air that feels renewing.  I love fall colors.  I love that college football season starts in the fall.  I love fall foods and baking fall goodies.  I love fall decorations--pumpkins and gourds.  I love fall clothes.  And I love that I have a fall birthday because the weather is always perfect.
 This was the very first Anthropologie fashion show I did and I loved this fall outfit!

 Learning to bake my grandma's fudge in my mom's kitchen.  Baking is love :)


I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!!  I can't be more excited when I say that!!  I love that Christmas is the time of year when we remember our Savior's birth and the faithfulness of God to provide a Savior for us.  But on the secular side, I love how Christmas is a joyful time of year where everyone is happy.  I love Christmas music, movies, smells, decorations--you name it, I love it.

Dustin knows how much I love Christmas lights so he surprised me one day after school with a date to my favorite Mexican restaurant and then to the botanical gardens to see the Christmas lights!!!  I was beyond thrilled!

And then later in the season he took me to the Grand Ole Opry to see The Radio City Rockettes.  And of course, after we walked over to the hotel to tour the lights.  I'm already begging him to take me again this year to see the new Christmas show!


  1. LOVE that Anthro outfit!!! I hope you bought it afterwards!!! Lol

  2. October is my favorite month too! :)

  3. I totally understand your answer! Time off is so great to recharge.

  4. Great answer! There are definitely highs to every season! I LOVE fall and am obsessed with Christmas lights.

  5. Ah I love your answer! Summer is vacation time. Fall is gorgeous. And there is just something about the holidays. It can be hard to pick a specific season because they really are all so great!

  6. ohhh I'd love to see the rockettes some day! I'm all in for summer.Bring on the warm weather and the sunny day activities! But I do love Christmas time too, plus it's also my birthday December is a win win!


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