Life Lately on a Thursday

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm leaving tonight for Indianapolis for the Revive '15 Women's Conference, so I'm going to do a life lately on a Thursday and no Friday Favorites this week.  But I'll be back to normal next week!

Here's a look at what's been going on around the Shaneyfelt home lately:

I've been dealing with stomach issues since I can first remember.  So on Tuesday I had a little outpatient procedure done to see if the doctors could figure out what is causing all of my problems.  So while I was fasting and in misery on Monday, Dustin was napping.  

Please notice the headache pillow on his face.  Dustin makes fun of me for sometimes sleeping with that over my eyes if I have a headache or if it's too bright in our room.  

Guess who won't be making fun of me anymore???

......and while he napped, I watched Dancing With the Stars on the couch.

This was my first meal Tuesday afternoon--which I didn't really finish until that evening.  I'm surprised I was even able to function enough to take a picture since I had just woke up from my anesthesia.  Everything that day is pretty much a blur.

By they way, does anyone else have weird side effects after waking up from anesthesia??  My sister always throws up (which is a legitimate side effect), a girl from work is supper chatty after, and what do I do?  Cry.  That's right.  It doesn't matter if I'm not in pain at all, I wake up crying.  I think I forgot to let Dustin know about my little secret because he was a little alarmed as I woke up crying Tuesday!

Yesterday I got a homemade card from a student from last year to encourage me :)  Notice the smiley face made from little poms that even has eyebrows?  Yes, this was made by a male student haha!  He was very proud of his craftiness!

Next week is my last week of regular school assignments and then I have my finals and my fall one term is O-V-E-R!!!  I'm not going to miss this cataloging class one bit!

Check back with me on Monday for my weekend recap of my conference!  Happy weekend!


  1. I hope they figure out what is going on with your stomach! I completely understand the misery of ongoing stomach issues. We have the same reaction to anesthesia! I cry and cry when I wake up but I don’t feel emotional. It’s a trip!

  2. Hope your feeling better! Chick fil a is the perfect first meal after a procedure (in fact you just inspired me for lunch today - I'm definitely making a pop through the drive through now!) Glad your fall term is almost over!

  3. Glad your procedure is over and hope you start feeling better!! That card is adorable and so sweet. Have fun at the conference this weekend!! :) And woo hoo for fall term almost being OVER! You got it girl!!

  4. Hope that you feel better soon! How sweet is that little card...

  5. Yay for first meals! I had Jack in the Box. :) Probably not the best glad that your term is almost over. That is super exciting! Enjoy your conference!

  6. Found your blog through the link-up! Sorry to hear about your stomach! That definitely does not sound fun! You can never go wrong with Chick-fil-a! Have a great time at the conference! I have always wanted to go to the revive conference!

  7. Oh cataloging! Yeah, I don't miss that class...and nowadays you don't really use that type of stuff anyway! How many more classes until you are done??

  8. That card is so sweet! How thoughtful! I hope you are feeling better soon! Chick Fil A always makes me feel better too! :)

  9. That card is so precious! That's one part of being a teacher that I'm excited for :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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