The Alabama Shakes Concert!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last Thursday night my dad treated Dustin, my sister Rachel, and I to a concert at the Tuscaloosa Ampitheater!  We saw the Alabama Shakes!!!!!  Yes, it was on a school night but you can't say no to the Shakes in concert.

Before you scroll down to see the pictures, let me just say that it had been raining in Alabama for over a week and it was sooooo humid--and of course, the venue was outdoors!  That will explain why I look like a homeless person.

Walking up to the amphitheater.
The Tuscaloosa police blocks off these roads because this is the only way to get into the venue.  People are wearing rain jackets and those clouds in the background will turn to rain clouds soon :(

So my dad didn't realize that when he bought General Admission tickets that GA meant no seats.  So here we are on the floor right by the stage!  I was super excited because look at how close we were!  And please look at the giant in the background.  When you're at least 6'7", you don't need to be front and center.

Love him!

Only one of us looks super excited to be in standing room only--and so close to the stage!  

I had to take this picture to show how close we were!!

Four songs into the opener's set, a lady comes on stage to tell us there was a lightening storm and that the show had been suspended and everyone needed to evacuate the amphitheater.  I thought to myself, "You've got to be kidding me.  We just drove 2 hours for this concert--I am going to watch the Alabama Shakes perform!!"

We all headed under the overpass to wait out the storm (and secretly be able to be the first in line to get back in).....

....until Rachel said it was too dangerous and wanted to go sit in the car.

And they reopened the gates after 9 PM and the Shakes were set to begin at 9:30.  This was our spot after re-entry :(  I was so sad!  But the concert was awesome and I'm hoping to see them again sometime!!!


  1. Too bad about the rain! At least you got the front row for a little bit and the rain stopped so you could go back! Pretty fun school night :)

  2. Still looks like you had a good spot! You guys were troopers hanging out in the rain/humidity!


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