House Tour Tuesday--August 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I am so excited to start this new series on my blog, House Tour Tuesday!  I absolutely love going to people's homes and looking at how they've decorated, looking at house plans, and I could watch Joanna Gaines decorate homes on Fixer Upper all day long.  You would think with how much I love decorating that I would be good at it ha :)  Lucky for me, I have lots of friends who are really good at it!

One Tuesday a month I will bring to you a house tour where we can learn decorating tips and ideas together!

For August, I went and photographed my friend Kristi's home.  We've been best friends since she moved to our small town in the 3rd grade and we were placed beside each other in class.  I don't think we had a choice about becoming friends!  Luckily for us it worked out wonderfully and we're still great friends today.  I remember when Kristi and her husband were building their house before they got married.  I loved everything about it then and I still love everything about it now!  The way she has decorated makes it feel extremely comfortable and inviting.

Welcome to the Long home!

 This is the view you get right when you walk in the front door.

 This is immediately to the left of the front door.  Don't you love how she used this wall space to do a gallery wall?

 Dining room

 Kristi is getting ready to redo her kitchen island since the trend now is to do the island a different color than the kitchen cabinets.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

 Every nook and cranny is thoughtfully decorated!  And we have the same counter tops :)

 Don't you love how she's put such a personal touch on every space in her home?


 The guys will love this room!  This is the man cave, and usually man caves get a bad wrap for being decorated by men--and we all know what that looks like!  But Kristi kept this room very masculine and still was able to put her touch on things.

 This is the boys' bathroom.  I love this idea!!  I want to do something like this whenever we have children.

 Reese's room--he's her oldest.  Notice his bed on a platform--so kid friendly!

Kristi painted the road with magnetic paint--such a great idea for little boys!

 Bryant's room is in the home office--right across from the master bedroom.  At the end of this post you'll read a little Q & A and she talks about the plans she has for this room.  Eventually this will be the home office again.

 This is directly across from Bryant's doorway.  My heart melted when I saw this wall!  Kristi said she ordered this lettering from Etsy.

 This is the entryway from the garage.  She turned this into a mudroom with the built in cabinet (great for extra storage) and by hanging the hooks for backpacks and coats!

 The master bedroom--doesn't this room look so comfortable?

 The master bath--Kristi's bathroom had a lot of influence on the color I chose for my bathroom.  I love how this room feels like a spa :)

 Kristi's closet

Zach's closet

Kristi was kind enough to answer a few questions about her home!

1. What’s your favorite thing about your home? 
The open floor plan. I love this for entertaining and being together as a family. When Zach and I chose our house plan, this layout was perfect for us because we knew we wanted a tight-knit family. This open floor plan allows us to be together all the time. 

2. If you were to build again, what is something that you would do differently? 
I would extend my porches. I love living in Danville because it's so quite. We do not hear cars on the road, my children love to play outside and I love sitting in my swing on the front porch. I honestly would love a wrap-around porch,but I think if we built again, I would like our porches to be bigger. When you have the right set up you can entertain on porches and it makes your home that more inviting.  

3. What’s your favorite memory you have made in your house? 
My favorite memory is that we have brought our babies home in this house. I dreamt of the day I would hear little feet pitter-pattering on these hardwood floors and even though I have little handprints on the walls and windows, I love making memories in this house the way we do. 

4. Any plans for your house in the future? 
Yes! We are about to knock out the back wall in the kitchen, extend our porch and add on a big sunroom and outside pavilion. I can't wait to have a wall of windows and enjoy the beautiful scenery! This is our next big project that is about to happen and I am so excited!

5. What’s your favorite store to shop for home decor?

My all-time favorite store is Hobby Lobby. Who doesn't love Hobby Lobby?I get all my picture frames there along with unique pieces I have added throughout the house. I love walls covered with pictures and such, and Hobby Lobby makes it affordable and easy to decorate.  

Kristi is the gorgeous blonde on the right!


  1. Such a welcoming home! I love home tours..can't wait to see more!

  2. Her house is gorgeous! And I gotta say, the kids rooms are my favorite and the bathroom. She decorated them soooo well and her entire house is just so welcoming :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  3. Love the white walls - looks so good with that color of cabinets!

  4. Such a lovely Home Design. I also want to make this type of interior in my home.

  5. Kristi’s home looks so amazing! It’s nice that you not only take note of the good points of the house, but also ask what part they’d like to change, given the chance. Anyway, I hope you can continue this series for quite some time. I'm sure your readers would love to get some ideas too, in case they decide to renovate their home. Cheers!

    Willard Evans @ WOW! Homes

  6. Glad you have a thing for decorating homes like I do or at least, like you said, the friends who have the talent and are doing it. That home you visited looks amazing. The picture frames on the wall with the children makes me think of my own babies. Love the wooden kitchen too, wish I could change my own.

    Mattie @ Buyer's Corner Realty


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