Friday Favorites!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Friday!!!  I am so glad to see Friday here and ready for the weekend!  I'm linking up with Andrea today for Friday Favorites :)

This Friday Favorites post is going to be short but dedicated to my husband--he's my #1 FAVORITE!  He's most definitely my favorite and he's been working so much lately, so I feel like we haven't spent any quality time together.  Thankfully he's off all weekend and we're spending the whole weekend together--even though we've got a lot planned, we'll be together!

Dustin left Monday morning to head south to his hunting land to get it ready for hunting season.  He's such a list maker for EVERYTHING and I only make lists sometimes.  When I got home Monday afternoon from school I found this list on our bed.  I love that he had to remind himself to take his billfold haha!  Oh and if you haven't picked up on it, he's a Type I diabetic so all of those diabetic supplies are super important!

So while he was gone to his hunting land, I went to Kroger and saw the cutest ceramic pumpkins!  I told him all about how cute they would look on our front porch Monday and then Tuesday afternoon when he got home.  Tuesday night was the kickoff for the women's ministry at my church and when I got home that night, these beautiful pumpkins were waiting on me!  I love that he went to Kroger and bought these for me while I was gone!  We immediately took them out front and set them on the porch so I could see what they would look like.  I'm decorating for fall on September 1st so I can't wait to put them out!!!


  1. That's so sweet that he did that for you! That's something my boyfriend would do too :) Enjoy your weekend together!! xo

  2. That's so sweet about the pumpkins! I'm Type 1 too, I sure hate packing all that extra stuff :)

  3. Love the pumpkins! Getting me very excited about Fall!! I hope you have a great weekend. - Seri from

  4. So sweet! Hope you guys had a great weekend together!


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