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Friday, August 14, 2015

IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!  Y'all, I survived my first couple of days back to school and I am so happy the weekend is in sight.  My kids this year seem to be really good--but it's still the first few days of school, so they should be on their best behavior still, right?

As usual, I'm linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites!

We had our open house Sunday so the students could familiarize themselves with their schedules and meet their teachers.  I love having open house before school officially starts because it's perfectly acceptable to ask each student what his or her name is ha!  The pressure is always on when open house is in September and you're really trying to remember each kid's name as they come to your class with their parents!  This year I'm teaching beside a girl I graduated high school with--she just got hired and I am so thrilled!  Seventh grade English is going to be my FAVORITE this year!

Tuesday night I went to watch Dustin play softball for our church.  The weather felt great, and it was a definite FAVORITE being able to sit and talk with everyone before the craziness that is school started the next day!

First day outfit = a FAVORITE!!!  Also, I only lasted a half day standing in those wedges until I had to change to flats.  My feet will need to be re-trained to stand in heels all day.  
 Dress from Anthropologie

Probably my #1 FAVORITE this week--mailing this book back to Amazon!!!!  NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER TAKE STATISTICS!  (I still hated statistics.)

Second day of school outfit = another FAVORITE!!!  I was a little unsure about buying this dress this past summer because even though it is sooo comfortable, I was afraid it made me look fat.  I walked into school yesterday morning and had a handful of good compliments before school even started.  I'll definitely wear this dress more often now!
Dress from Anthropologie (and on sale now!)

Check out yesterday's post I did for Paul Fredrick!  I think the outfit I created is a definite FAVORITE!

Another FAVORITE of mine?  My Tuesday Home Tour series!!  My first one was on my friend Kristi's home, and it's gorgeous!


  1. I LOOOOOOVE that first day of school outfit!!! In fact I'm a little bit obsessed. SO cute!

  2. You look so amazing!! I almost bought the second dress once.. and I have a gift card to anthro right now and am shopping with a friend today.. maybe I need to check it out and we can be twins! :)

  3. Love your first outfits! I'm not trained to wear heels for very long either, I always need a pair of flats on standby.

  4. You look so dang cute in your outfits! I can't stand in heels all day either. In fact, I only last a few hours! I'm visiting drom Friday favorites

  5. Hope your school year goes great! Love the polka dot outfit from the first day!

  6. Love the outfits...especially that dress. Too cute! Hope you have a wonderful school year!


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