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Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Monday!  I'm attending a conference in Atlanta right now learning all about literacy implementation in curriculum.  So while I'm not going to blog about that, I was recently tagged by Christina to do a list of 10 likes and dislikes, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to blog about it.  What a great idea for a Monday post!

(These are in no particular order whatsoever.  I typed them as I thought about them!)


1. Studying the Bible--I'm actually going through the Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney.  I recommend this to every Christian!  He's super easy to read, and spiritual disciplines are things that all Christians need to be doing.

2. Southern Living magazine--Now that we're in the new house, I've signed up for a subscription.  I can't wait!  I love everything about this magazine, and also that it's published in Birmingham.

3. Girl time--Who doesn't like spending time with your best girlfriends?

4. Reading--I'm an English teacher, so this was a given :)

5. NYFW--Also known as New York Fashion Week.  The fashion lover in me is dying to attend one of these weeks.

6. Handwritten notes--There's something so special about receiving a handwritten note either in the mail or with a gift.

7. Christmas--Not only do I love the meaning behind Christmas (celebrating the birth of the Savior who would ultimately serve as a perfect substitute for me on the Cross), but I also love the Christmas spirit that comes with the holiday.  I love the music, decorations, movies, lights, drinking hot chocolate....everything that comes with the holiday.

8. Running--This is one that I need to get more serious with, but running is a stress reliever!

9. My book club--I love the ladies in my book club!  They have become such wonderful friends to me!

10. Reality TV--My guilty pleasure :)


1. St Patrick's Day--What's the purpose of this holiday???

2. Auburn--ROLL TIDE!

3. Cargo shorts--I'm going to burn Dustin's cargo shorts one day.  He's not allowed to wear them in public EVER!

4. The Prosperity Gospel--No where in the Bible does it say that your faith will make you rich or healthy or that you'll have an easy, comfortable life.

5. Being on time--Ask my husband, I am never on time.  I can wake up an hour early and still be late.

6. Bad language--I find that the closer to Christ I grow, the more I can't stand listening to vulgar or crude language.

7. Cleaning the shower--Especially now that we have a huge shower, I hate cleaning it.

8. Juicy Fruit gum--The smell is awful!  

9. Bananas--YUCK!!!!!  I know they are good for you, but I just can't do it!

10. Roller coasters--I can't stand the feeling my stomach gets on things like that so I don't do roller coasters.  I'll hold everyone's things :)


  1. Have fun in Atlanta! Yes to everything about Christmas from the meaning to the celebrations! I hate roller coasters - so much - I even hate when my husband goes on them haha I always get so nervous!

  2. Girl time is the best! And reading! Are you reading anything good right now? I'm always looking for great summer books!

  3. I love Christmas, too! Cleaning the shower least favorite thing to do when it comes to cleaning! And you can bet you won't find me on a roller coaster...I can't handle it, either!


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