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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's official.....we have moved into our new house!  Everything with the move went smoothly, but we're still without internet and TV.  Since our neighborhood is brand new and we are the most recent house built, AT&T needs to run cables down to our house and it's taking a while.  I even tried to see if I could pull up our neighbor's wireless--no such luck.  My phone didn't even pull up any networks since our house is the last one on our street.  Oh well...I've had lots of time to clean and re-clean.  Tomorrow, I'm running by the library to get a book now that  I have plenty of time to read!

 Dustin backing our first load up our driveway!  As you can see in the background, there are lots of empty lots.  

Mom snapped a quick photo of us after moving a few things in.  Our dining room looks very different now.

Hopefully we'll have internet by next Monday and I'll be able to blog regularly again!

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