Friday Favorites!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Friday!  This is my last Friday off of work before I start back to school--teachers start next Friday.  Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites!

One of my FAVORITES every summer is being able to go to the pool and lay out.  That hasn't happened much this summer, but I haven't let that stop me!  The other day I packed a few things up and took them to our back patio so I could enjoy the sun and privacy out there!  

As you can see, I brought a fan outside (because we were under a heat advisory), ice water, a snack, and our bluetooth Bose speaker to listen to music.  And I lasted about 20 minutes haha!  It was hot!

Eventually this land will all be houses, so I'm enjoying the privacy while I can!

I am loving The Astronaut Wives Club!  It's definitely a FAVORITE and I'm hoping there's a second season!  I remember seeing this show advertised earlier this summer and I'm always up for a good period show.  So far I have loved watching the clothes and hair styles/make up evolve as the years pass in the show.  Who else is watching this?

Hanging out with my sister this summer is my most favorite FAVORITE!  (Even if she doesn't read this blog haha!)  She recently traded in her BMW convertible for something a little more practical for her new job and I tagged along with her to the dealership to pick up an extra key for her new car.

I got a massage yesterday and oh my goodness, what a FAVORITE!  I scheduled this massage to celebrate my survival of statistics!  I got a therapeutic massage at Silver Stone Salon for an hour, and I've already made my next appointment for another massage.  Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves, right?


  1. Pool time and massage time are two of the best times, right? I wish I had more time to lay out, I've been slacking on my soaking up the rays time. I am LOVING Astronaut Wives Club. I started it when it first came out and have gotten A TON of friends on the bandwagon. It's such a fun show and the fashion is amazing, too! Have a great Friday!

  2. Haha I totally do the same – I try to last on our deck and just cannot! We are visiting my in-laws this weekend and their neighborhood has a pool so I’m looking forward to that. Oh goodness, I could go for a massage – glad you enjoyed!

  3. I love that you took the fan out with you! And I am loving Astronaut Wives as well. I would be so sad if there were no second season! Fingers crossed.


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