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Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm a little sad to see this Friday come because I'm just one more Friday away from the start of school.  I've got mixed feelings about school starting--usually I am ready to get back to a routine, but this has been the first summer Dustin and I have been married and now living in our new house and I have loved being home every single day (well I'm not home every day, but you get what I mean).  I'm going to miss being home with him during his off days when school starts back.

As usual, I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

I'm starting a new series on my blog!!!  This is my first series to do that I have come up with because I usually link to other blogs for series--like the Friday Favorites that I do.  I will be featuring different home tours every 1-2 months on my blog and I can't wait!  I have always loved looking at house plans and home decor so be looking at the beginning of August for my first home tour!  It's definitely going to be a FAVORITE!!  Hint: It's not mine, but she's been my BFF since 3rd grade!

 Dustin finally mounted our TV above the fireplace and I helped.  It was not the most fun activity we've ever done simply because it took HOURS.  But the TV is mounted and now all we have to do is hide the wires!  This is a FAVORITE because we now have our TV hooked up and mounted!  Yay for catching up on all of my shows!

 This huge window in my bathroom is definitely a FAVORITE because it lets so much natural light in.  But it is HOT in the morning!  This summer I have kept the light off while getting ready and I only turn it on when I put on my mascara.  It's been really nice!

 Rompers are my FAVORITE and I found this in Old Navy the other day.  I hardly ever go into Old Navy but I had to run to Target so I dropped in and found this cute chambray romper.  They didn't have my size, so I didn't buy it but I'm telling you to stop by Old Navy!

While I was in Atlanta for my conference this past week, we took the MARTA to Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead.  I went into Athleta for the first time ever and found the BEST EVER LEGGINGS (a definite FAVORITE) that I just had to have!!!  I texted this picture to Dustin and hinted to him that I want these before the weather gets cold--probably my birthday...or a just because present!

Next week I'll post a recap my work trip to Atlanta--we did lots of eating haha!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Can't wait to check out your home tours! Oh and I love your window by your tub! I bet it brings in the prettiest light!

  2. Crazy that it's almost time for you to start up school again - I feel like school here just got out, ha! Old Navy has had some great stuff this summer and I can't seem to get enough rompers this year!

  3. We have that exact same mirror in our master bathroom and I can't decide if I like it or not!


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