When Your College Football Coach's Daughter Gets Married...(and you have Instagram)

Monday, June 1, 2015

I love weddings.  Maybe even more so now that mine is over and I can relax a little bit ha!  I went to a wedding Saturday night and saw lots of pictures from other weddings going on this past weekend, too.  All of these weddings make me miss my actual wedding day because it was the most perfect and beautiful day ever.  Dustin showed me yesterday an article on Facebook where Nick Saban's daughter got married on Saturday night.  (If you have no idea who that is, Nick Saban is The University of Alabama's head football coach.  He started coaching my sophomore year of college and during my senior year, we won another National Championship!  He's a legend in the state of Alabama.)  So, I read the article and saw the few Instagram pictures, but the most important thing I saw--the wedding hashtag.  I quickly typed in #SabantoSetas in my Instagram and was wowed by what I saw!

(All pictures found below were found using #SabantoSetas on Instagram.)
 I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!  It looks so much like the wedding party shot from my wedding day.  I actually considered doing the white dinner jacket instead of the black tux jacket (but that was after I ordered the black tux jacket...ugh).

Here's a picture from my wedding:
We also don't have as many friends as they do....

 A famous Alabama bridal designer, Heidi Elnora, designed Kristen's wedding dress.  Heidi was on Project Runway and now has her own show on TLC.  Before I got engaged, I went to a fashion show of hers, and her gowns start at $10,000.

 I would like to know how much they spent on this wedding!  From the open bar to arrangements like the one above, I know it was at least $75,000.  AT LEAST.  And you know they didn't have to pay a venue fee for the reception because it was at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

 Gorgeous!  I stalked happened upon her new husband's Facebook page.  Apparently he's Greek, from Michigan, and a financial advisor.  Most importantly, he graduated from UA.  Ask me if you need to know anything else.

 Rings = love!  Notice the monogram at the top in gold.  It's a custom monogram because it was also on the cake.  I thought about a custom monogram for my wedding, but you know, budget.  Mine < Kristen Saban's.

 I like my cake stand better than hers.  I think she should have had a gold, circular cake stand.  Look at all of those people ready for a piece of that cake.  They all are probably wondering what flavor(s) it is.  Or how much it was per slice (because we all know cakes aren't cheap).
 So sweet.  This might be the 2nd time I've seen Nick smile since he started coaching for us.  If you look up the hashtag, someone posted a video of their first dance.  They either know how to dance or took lessons.

I feel like I left my wedding in a similar way to this.  Instead of driving a Rolls Royce across Bryant-Denny with fireworks on either side, we left the country club in my sister's BMW convertible with people holding sparklers.  Maybe if I had to do it over again, I would have just asked people to hold fireworks?? haha!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous pictures. I'm like you, I can't imagine the budget for this wedding. The bride looked amazing and how funny is it to see Saban smile? Such a rarity!

    New follower! :)

  2. This was SO fun! I would have totally stalked that hashtag too - her flower arrangements were amazing!

  3. This is hilarious! What a great idea for a blog post!

  4. This was so fun! And gosh, I keep thinking about how much it all cost! :)

  5. This gave me a laugh today—so glad you reposted :)


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