Weekend Recap!

Monday, June 22, 2015

I am extremely thankful for my husband's job, but I sure do love it when he has the entire weekend off!  That actually happened this past weekend, so we spent it at the lake with my BFF and her husband!  (And I'm really horrible at taking pictures so I really need to work on that!)

Friday was insane.  I spent the majority of the day running errands for the new house.  I still had about 1/3 of my statistics homework to do before we left for the lake, and the errands I was running took a lot longer than I had anticipated.  Dustin spent the entire day working on our breakfast room table and chairs--he had already stripped them and was staining them on Friday.  I had to run up to my mom's so I took my statistics homework to do while I was there....and I brought my sheets to wash.  You know, to kill two birds with one stone.  I finished my homework just in time to rush home to pack because we needed to be on the road by 6 PM.

 Unfortunately, earlier that afternoon a man had been killed on the interstate and they shut it down.  So not only was traffic being rerouted for that but there was also a music festival going on and there was a ton of traffic for that.  What should have taken us 1.5 hours took us 4 hours.  This is our interstate selfie.

 This is my best friend, Janie, on Friday night.  She has a hard time staying awake--yes, it was super late by the time this was taken, but she was the only one asleep :)  She's going to love that I put this picture up ha!

I'm not even going to put any pictures of us from Saturday on the lake.  We looked rough!  But we had a great time floating in the lake and riding the jet ski.  I can't wait to go back.  Next time, we hope our other best friend can go...she was on an anniversary trip this weekend with her husband, so she obviously skipped out on the lake :)  

Father's Day with my dad!  This was taken at my sister Rachel's house.  

I didn't get any pictures from visiting my stepdad or my father-in-law on Father's Day.  Does anyone else have a hard time remembering to take pictures?

I'll be doing a Day in the Life post tomorrow so that I can remember the chaos in my life right now that is grad school, leading a women's Bible study, and moving.  :)

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