Friday Favorites (6.5.15)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Friday, y'all!  It's Friday and right now, I'm just glad I knew it was Friday ha!  Since it's the summer and I'm a teacher, I can't remember what day it is half the time.  Every day is Saturday in my life!  (Except not really because....grad school, but I'm dealing.)

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On Monday I went with my dad to Birmingham and he let me pick our lunch place!  I took him to my FAVORITE restaurant, the Little Donkey in Homewood, but didn't think to take any pictures.  I guess I was too ready to dig into my guac and Green Goat salad.  BUT afterward, we walked down to Steel City Pops and had a popsicle.  I tried something new and got the strawberry lemonade one while my dad just got plain chocolate.  It was good....until I got sick.   I have a bad stomach and acidic things make me sick but I love them!!

Since summer has started I literally have not had a break.  I've been so busy and taking two grad school classes hasn't helped.  I recently bought my FAVORITE magazine, Southern Living, and made the time to sit down a read it.  I still haven't read through the entire magazine, but I love everything I'm reading so far.  I loved the article about the vintage bungalow renovation in all white.  I dream of someday living in a home consisting of various shades of white, but it's not a reality with Dustin. :)

Speaking of the busyness that is my life right now, I had scheduled to paint my entire classroom on Wednesday of this past week.  I had a few high school helpers who needed philanthropy hours so I decided to bake them some goodies Tuesday night to show my appreciation.  I'm normally pretty good at baking things...especially pre-packaged cookies.  For some reason my first batch turned out runny.  I baked them on my FAVORITE cookie sheet, The Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan, and I decided to let them sit a little longer to harden.  I grabbed a regular cookie sheet to bake the rest and realized that I misread the instructions and turned my oven from 325 to 425.  Next batch:
Apparently the recommended oven setting is 350, not 325 or 425.  This is what happens when you're trying to multitask and bake at the same time!


 This was a FAVORITE sight to see this past week!  Since I started blogging in October of 2014, I finally hit the 10,000 pageview mark!  That was a really exciting sight to see.  I  remember when my published my first post and it got over 150 views.  My highest number of pageviews was on the post announcing our decision to build a house--over 500!  I am so thankful to each and every one of you who takes the time to read this little blog.  I love this blog and can't wait to see where it takes me!

Who's ready for some house pictures??  This is the month that we get to move into our house!  I am so excited that I talk about it to anyone who will listen :)  Here are a few updates from Wednesday night after church:

 laundry room---I'm obsessed with that tile!!  It really is a FAVORITE of mine!  It took some convincing on my part to get Dustin to agree to it, but I'm so happy he followed my design.

 Downstairs guest bath--that tile really ties in the in an understatement 

 Dining room--they had the hardwood out ready to put in the next day.  I love that chandelier, too--another FAVORITE!  That was the first thing I picked out at the light store and so we based all of our other lights around the chandelier. 

They cut into the front porch and will stain it to look like tile.  Seriously, I'm in love.  And if you can see my reflection in the front door, you can see I've had my roots done and it's like I'm a whole new woman!


  1. ENJOY summer – having the summers off must just be the best! Mmm that Popsicle just screams summer as does the Southern Living, summer edition! Congrats on that blogging milestone AND moving month – so exciting!

  2. I can't believe you're moving in this month!!! I just feel like I need to come visit! :) I subscribe to southern living, and made the lemon icebox pie last weekend- it was a huge crowd pleaser! I got enough stuff to make two for a family gathering on sunday! XO

  3. Your first post got 150 views?! I think mine got like 4 hahaha. And I've only broken 150 like...once or twice? Haha dang I'm doing something wrong! Congrats on 10,000 views! Your house is looking gorgeous!


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