Weekend Recap (...on a Tuesday)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We had the BEST Memorial Day weekend we could have had!  Dustin's family planned a family beach vacation, and I'm so glad that Dustin's work schedule worked out so he was able to go.  Our long weekend started on Thursday as soon I got home from school (we didn't have any students on Thursday, so I spent the day doing paperwork and tying up loose ends).  I had packed all of my clothes and beach things on Wednesday night, and all I had left to do Thursday after school was packing my toiletry items--which I think is the easiest since everything is pretty much together.  We left Hartselle around 4:00 P.M. and headed south for Gulf Shores!  We hit Birmingham during rush hour and it pretty much took us an hour to make it through Birmingham.  But after we made it through the city, we had good traffic flow the rest of the time.

We got to the beach house a little after 11:00 P.M. that night and unpacked and went to bed.  We spent the next 3 days on the beach during the day and then eating out that night--which is my kind of beach vacation!

 We left a little later than we had planned on Thursday afternoon, but it was not my fault this time!  I sent Dustin to pick up a beach chair from my sister on his way to pick up his insulin supplies and he completely forgot to stop and get his insulin supplies.  He got home with the chair and had to leave to go back to the pharmacy.

 The beach felt pretty empty on Friday, but that's only because everyone was probably traveling to the beach for the holiday weekend.  Saturday the beach was PACKED and Sunday met us with 50 mph winds (or what felt like it) and a red flag :(

 We took the boys out to eat Thursday night.  (Wearing this romper makes me motivated to lose the last few pounds to get back to honeymoon weight because it looked way better on me on our honeymoon.  I love having motivation since I've been lacking there lately.)

 Waiting at Sea-N-Suds Thursday night.  I love this restaurant because of its location right on the beach.  The restaurants at the beach have lots of fried food which I don't eat (but had a few bites Sunday night), so I got a grilled chicken sandwich.  I'm not the biggest fan of seafood and Dustin is.  Marriage = compromise :)

 We took a few beach pictures Saturday night after we ate at Live Bait as a family.  I love him!

 My sister-in-law and I

The whole Shaneyfelt family--David and Jackie and their two boys: Wes (with Brandi, Stoney, and Austen) and Dustin (and me)

 I was very adamant that my purse not touch the sand when we had a big group family photo.  I arranged a few pairs of shoes to sit my purse on and this shows how careful I was with my purse haha!

 We had a lot of fun on this trip!

Me with the boys--this shows their personalities so well!  This is getting ready to go out to eat Sunday night at The Original Oyster House.  And I need my roots done stat.

We left Sunday night after eating with his family to head back to north Alabama.  Dustin had to go back to work on Monday night and it was better for his sleeping patter to stay up late Sunday night-Mondan morning so he could sleep more on Monday.  We left the restaurant at 8:00 P.M. and got back to Hartselle at 1:15 A.M.  I stayed awake the whole time to keep Dustin company as he drove.  For anyone who knows me, this is a HUGE deal!  And I did this without caffeine since I don't drink anything caffeinated.  We unpacked a few things and went to sleep around 2 A.M. and Monday morning was ROUGH for me.  Thank goodness it's my summer break!  We had such a great time at the beach and we go back by ourselves for 5 days in 2 weeks!


  1. This looks like just the best weekend! Looks like you guys had some fabulous weather and I'm really loving all your outfits - especially that romper!

  2. awhh! What a fun weekend! Oh man I wish I lived by the beach so bad. and that romper still super cute on you! And I loved that pic of you and your sis in law on Instagram, your dress is so cute! Reminds me of something Amber Fillerup would wear
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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