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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

...has been crazy!!!  I finished up with my very first grad school finals on Sunday night, so I've got about a three week break before I start my summer term.  I didn't have time to do a Friday Favorites post last Friday because I was so busy with wrapping up grad school projects and papers.  So I'll do a Friday Favorites on Tuesday!

I got to help judge a food competition in Home Ec last week.  This was the cute little set up they had for me when I got into the classroom, and the jam was a thank you for judging.  So cute!

This mini apple pie won hands down.  So, so good that I might have eaten the whole thing...

We baby sat for some friends last week.  This was the sight I saw after I got done picking some toys up.  Be still my heart!

Praise the Lord, it's May!  And I also drank healthy smoothies for breakfast for two weeks straight!  I think that calls for celebration :)  And I did.  I had whole grain blueberry muffins this past weekend as my celebration haha!

I saw this in Hobby Lobby this past weekend and immediately send Dustin a picture.  It would look great as an entry way table!  (Hint hint, Dustin)

Remember when I blogged about my Lilly for Target purchase?  Well, it came in and this sad looking photo resulted.  It was too snug, too short, and I was hiding the snugness in the chest area.

So now my mom is the proud owner!  Doesn't she look so cute??  She looks so much better in it than I did and I'm so glad that she loved it, too!


  1. Enjoy your break from the school load!! To bad about your dress but at least it could stay in the family!

  2. you have been buuuusy!! And your mom is the cutest in that dress :) Next time you get to judge a food competition, please invite me cause food. and I love food. I would make a great judge, I promise ;)

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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