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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I took a little unexpected blogging break the last two weeks.  In case you didn't know, this time of year for a teacher is INSANE.  As in, yesterday the kids were nuts.  We played a review game on Kahoot for our exam today and tomorrow, and the majority of my kids were more concerned with how they ranked against their classmates instead of why a certain answer is correct.  They are done and just ready to be out of school.  And so are the teachers!  But I will say, I am going to miss this group so much next year.  God really blessed me with such a fun and easy-going group this year.  This school year hasn't been the easiest for me, and I am so grateful for these kids.

My sister went with me on Sunday to check out an open house in the town next to ours.  Our builder just finished up this house and is selling it so he wanted me to go check out the kitchen countertops.  I loved them!  (These are also the color of the cabinets that we're getting in our house--Antique White.)

The best thing about that house was the massive kitchen island.  Other than that, I love my house better :)  Thanks, Rach, for coming with me to this house!

They painted the ceiling yesterday at our house AND I AM IN LOVE!  I went with a color that is not typical--and it actually might not be in any other house.  I can't wait for the finished product so I can post pictures!  I kept walking through our house telling Dustin how much I loved the ceiling color.  

In the last few days I've picked out all of our light fixtures (oh my gosh, expensive!) and yesterday we finalized flooring choices!  I picked out the hardwood, bedroom carpet, bathroom/laundry room floor tile, and the tile for our shower!  Gorgeous!  I can't wait to see it  finished.  Actually, I can't wait to move in.  Please hurry house!

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