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Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Friday I was on the beach, and today.....I'm at home.  I have loved my first week off of school because I've literally had so much to do each day that I know there's no way it could have gotten done if school was still in session.  Here are a few of my FAVORITES from this past week!

Summer is one of my FAVORITE times of year because I can go to the morning classes at my gym!  I've decided each week to go to the Tuesday and Thursday morning classes.  The first 30 minutes of each class is a cardio class and the last 30 minutes is a core class.  Tuesday's class was not that bad, although I was just a little bit sore Wednesday morning when I woke up.  Yesterday's class---umm, a lot harder!  I love being challenged in my workout because I need it.  Group classes help me stay motivated because I know that if I were working out alone, I might have quit.  But if there are other people in the room, I have to keep doing it.  Is there anyone else like me?

We have a healthy grocery store about 35-40 minutes away from us and it is one of my FAVORITE places to eat a meal!  I think it's so funny that this grocery store has an area for people to eat a meal, but it was packed when we went.  Dustin had never been and we had to go to Huntsville to pick out appliances, so I talked him into asked him to eat there.  He was hesitant at first and then fell in love!  I had salmon, rice, and creamed spinach (not pictured is my tasty kale lemonade).  Dustin had sushi and a salad.  Their salad bar is awesome, but you have to be careful.  You pay by the pound, so you better make sure you eat everything you put in your bowl!

This week I read THIS blog post by Jen Hatmaker and it is my FAVORITE blog post I've read this week.  She wrote about the Yes's and No's of parenting.  Even though I'm not a parent yet, I really appreciated her post.  As a teacher of seventh graders, I see too many kids getting everything they want and having their summers packed full with so many activities.  Jen talks about how she tries to always say yes to things with emotional attachments--building forts in the living room, spend the night parties, toys strolled out everywhere, and she says no to a lot of material items that aren't a need and says no to micromanaging her kids' lives.  I loved it!  She encourages parents to let their kids just be kids and to play instead of constantly planning activities for them (she's not against planning activities for her kids, but not constantly).  I hope I keep this mind when I have babies :)
(I stole this photo from Jen's blog--it's kids....playing outside!! Do they still do that?)

I took a print I had bought online to my local framing store, and while I was picking out the matting and framing, I asked about needing more prints for the new house since I didn't buy anything for our apartment.  The owner told me to check out  I went home and checked it out that night and found lots of prints I loved!  It is my new FAVORITE place to order artwork.  The best thing about it was the prices--they weren't ridiculously expensive.  I was talking to my bff about this website and we both agreed that we don't know the first thing about art other than if we think it's pretty or not.  So this website is the perfect solution for people like us.  Below is one of the prints I ordered, and I ordered a 30x34 because I have some big walls to decorate!
(I am not being paid to promote just loved it.  And this print is by Georgia O'Keefe, and I have always loved her.)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Group classes definitely keep me motivated. I totally agree that if I were working out alone, maybe I would've quit, but in a class I have to keep going. That salmon looks so good, and I'm intrigued by kale lemonade...

  2. That print totally looks like you!!

  3. So fun you can eat at the grocery store than shop - your meal looks delicious!


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