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Friday, May 8, 2015

Today's post is going to be short and sweet because I am writing this while I watch Scandal....and Scandal takes precedent!  By the way, who watched Scandal last night because the first 15 minutes were CRAY!!


This is my FAVORITE color combination!  I was really excited to see it done this Tuesday afternoon.  The only thing missing is the posts, and they will match the light trim.  This is one thing (out of just a few ha) that Dustin and I disagreed on but I went with what he wanted and I'm glad.  I didn't think I wanted contrasting cedar shake and trim, but it looks great!  Way to go, D!  Now you'll get to love all of the paint colors I pick out :)


This is my FAVORITE picture this week!  Someone who I'm not going to name hit a massive pot hole and bent my wheel (two years ago).  Well, that person just now got around to ordering me a replacement.  He was doing a little dance showing me my new wheel when I got home from school this week.  I might have to upload that dance some other time haha!


This guy is my FAVORITE 4-wheeler driver!  As in, I might prefer riding with him over my own husband.  And this is probably because I know how accident-prone and crazy my husband is, and I threatened my nephew with his life if he drove recklessly with me on it.  We went out to Dustin's parents one night this week and Stoney drove me around....dressed like that while I had on Nike running shorts.  One of us cares more about looks than the other :)


We had Twin Day at school this week and this lady is my FAVORITE!!!  I only WISH I looked like her!  Seriously, I am so lucky to get to work along side Mrs. Roden and I really hope I look like her when I am her age.  P.S.  We have on the same shoes, jeans, and earrings :)  And I should have let her do my hair that morning!


  1. Nothing comes before scandal - in fact I'm surprised you could even get this post done! Cannot wait until next week!!!

  2. Love the way the house is coming along :) You girls could be twins so cute ;)
    Chelsea @


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