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Monday, April 20, 2015

Thursday night I decided to experiment with another bundt cake flavor.  I made lemon and made it sugar free.  All I wanted was one piece of it, and then I sent it to work with Dustin Friday morning.  It was so good, and I could have eaten the whole cake!  I am such a sweets fan.

Friday after school Mom, Rachel, and I met up for the matinee showing of The Longest Ride.  It was my FAVORITE Nicholas Sparks book so I couldn't wait to see the movie.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  It's my favorite story line and I only cried one time during the movie.  

Excuse what we look like.  Mom and I had already had a looooong day teaching (and a long week) and Rachel had been doing house calls for Hospice all day long.  We were tired.  And this isn't the best picture, but oh well.

Dustin worked days this weekend, so Saturday morning Mom and I met up to go preview a yard sale in town.  I had been eyeing a leather couch and love seat that I knew would be perfect for our upstairs game room.  When we got there Saturday morning, the furniture had already been sold but I did end up with these Christmas decorations...... :)  The mini tree will go in my classroom and the glitter trees are going in the new house for Christmas!!  Eeeek!

The Lilly for Target sale.  Oh my.  If you read Friday's post, you know that I had planned to meet up with a friend at 6 am to wait in line early Sunday morning.  Well, our area had been getting threats of very severe weather so I ended up staying home.  I researched the online sale and saw that it was being released sometime between midnight and 2 am.  I set my alarm for a little before midnight and rushed downstairs as soon as it went off.  

Apparently midnight wasn't the release time.  I looked through the online lookbook again and decided to check the #LillyforTarget on Instagram.  THANK GOODNESS I DID!!!  I saw all of these posts of order completions and I started freaking out.  How were these people ordering already when the site wouldn't work for me?!?!  After reading through the comments, I realized that the mobile site had accidentally opened early.  I rushed to find a shift dress I wanted and it let me order it!  Then I went to get another shift I wanted and it had already sold out.  This was about 12:15-12:20 am.  All of the shift dresses in my size had already sold out except the one I already ordered.

 This is the message I got used to seeing :(

I saw this Sunday night and thought it was hilarious!  I sent this to Mom and Rachel because this is so true for us!  Especially on birthdays....cake was ALWAYS for breakfast on birthdays!

This week we start state standardized testing and my test days are today and tomorrow.  Testing lasts two weeks and then we only have three weeks of school left--and that includes giving semester exams.  This year has really flown by!  I genuinely love everyone of my classes and I am going to be so sad to see them go!


  1. I am so ready for standardized testing to be over & we don't even start for another 2 weeks! Good luck to y'all. I loved the Longest Ride book but still haven't seen the movie. It's definitely my favorite Sparks book.

  2. I was so eager to hear of your Lilly adventure! I barely missed the mobile link leak too :( which dress did you get? I really really wanted the "my fans" one! A ton of my online orders went through and are showing up on my target account but i only got one confirmation email so I'm a little confused about what I have.. but if they went through I have like 3 of several dresses, 4 of the same romper, etc. Haha! I want to see the Longest Ride so bad- wish I could have joined your group! :)

  3. Scooping up some good Christmas decorations is a good idea anytime of the year! Looks like you did a good job with the sale!


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