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Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika today!

For today's Friday Favorites post, I'm going to talk all about my favorite TV SHOWS!  Woo hoo!!  

Since I started grad school, I record a lot of my tv shows and try to catch up on them throughout the week.  It's also caused me to weed out some shows that I watched before but didn't have any substance.  Actually, when you see what I watch, you'll see it's a lot of reality tv......don't judge :)  And when I started going through everything I like watching, I realize that I like watching tv...I just feel like I never get to do it!

I've been watching Scandal since season 1!  I CANNOT believe what happened last week with the character revelations....Russell=bad guy!  What in the world?!  I'm pulling for Olivia to fall in love with Jake (because I'm not convinced that he's gone) and forget Fitz because he's married!!  Get with it, Liv!  (PS I didn't get to watch this last night so don't ruin it for me!  I'll try to watch Saturday or Sunday.)

Oh, Mad Men.  How I've stuck with you.  It's been slow at times, but since I've also watched this since season 1, I'm not quitting.  I haven't watched it at all since it premiered on Easter, but all of the episodes are recorded for when I have lots of time.  One thing I've loved about this show is the costume choices!  I have really enjoyed seeing how fashion has changed and evolved throughout the 60s.

Does anyone else remember watching this show when TLC was doing specials with them?  Like the ones with them only having 14 kids??  (And I just said only having haha)  Love this family!  I love that they love the Lord and are so open about it.  I also am amazed at how well their family works--the kids are so well-behaved and their household is so efficient.  I loved Jessa's wedding dress and can't wait to see her find out what she's having...she's secretly my favorite Duggar :)

I used to cry in every episode of this, not so much.  Except last night's episode!!!  Oh my goodness, how sad!  I thought last night's episode was beautifully written, and the song that played at the end was one of the songs that they played in season 1 with Derrick and Meredith (I have the soundtrack...that's how much I loved Grey's).  I have a feeling this season is it.  

Dustin and I like to watch Southern Charm together!  I'm amazed at Patricia's house with her two butlers and Thomas's plantation home.  I love Charleston and even though this show is lots of drama, it's still interesting.  Cameron is my favorite because she seems the smartest.  Landon might be the second smartest--although she lives in a house boat right now.  Not sure what she's doing or what her plan is.

I am so fascinated with Alaska!  I remember the first time I watched this show and I had no idea that some houses still had outhouses.  No thank you.  I will stay in Alabama where ALL of our houses have indoor toilets!  The housing market in Alaska is interesting and I love seeing all of their houses!  I watch this show whenever I see that it's on.  I have no clue what day or time new episodes come on.

I read Outlander a couple of years ago for my book club and was so excited when I saw that Starz had picked up the rights to a series.  The book was amazing (just not the end) and I've loved each episode so far.  I'm dreading the end though.  The novel is part of a series of maybe 7 books??  I didn't read any past Outlander, but I read that Starz will have the 2nd novel made into a tv series too.  Love love love this show!  (You should read the book if you don't have Starz)

This show would be my guilty pleasure.  Sometimes it's so unreal the things that this family does, but I have to watch.  I'll watch until they either make me mad or they quit filming.

I know that looks like a lot, but I promise I don't watch these all the time!  I try to catch up with a recorded show about every other night or on the weekends if I have time.  The best time for me to catch up is really when Dustin is on nights and I'm home alone!


  1. Have you ever read TLO's Mad Style posts? They recap each Mad Men episode's fashion and costume design. They are awesome.

  2. I've been hooked on Scandal too...and agree with your thoughts. I'll stop there so I won't give any spoilers ;) lol. Love the Duggars!! They are such an inspiration in so many ways! Have a fabulous weekend!


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