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Friday, April 17, 2015

For some reason, this week has felt super long.  Probably because state testing starts on Monday and this week has been crunch time!  (Actually the past month.....)  I will be so glad when testing is OVER and we're back to more enjoyable stuff in class :)

I'm linking up with Erika and Andrea today!


Yesterday, my sister Rachel came to eat lunch with me!  I told her as soon as she got to school that we needed a picture and then I didn't remember until after she left.  Boo.  She went by my mom's school first to speak with her first graders about the human body, so she had on her scrubs when she came to school.  After lunch I heard tons of questions like this: "Who was that girl?" "Why are you so much taller that her?"  A student replied to that question by telling the other student that it was because I was older than Rachel.  Apparently she hasn't finished growing ;)

This is a picture from Rachel's rehearsal dinner.  I guess you'll grow taller when you get older, Rachel!


The Lilly for Target line is going to be released on Sunday!!!!  I have been waiting MONTHS for this release.  If you loved Lilly as much as I do and have seen the prices of these beauties, you'd be excited too!  I am meeting up with a friend in Madison to wait in line for the store opening.  We're kind of hoping that we're not the only crazies out there waiting in line, but then again, we're also hoping we are the only ones out there waiting so we have the release all to ourselves!  I cannot wait to see these pieces in person.  I will be doing a post next week about our early Sunday morning adventure, so stay tuned!


Our house progress is moving right along even though it's been pretty rainy this week.  We went over to the house Wednesday after I ran and checked out the progress.

This is the back side of the house.  The double windows are where the breakfast room is.

As of Wednesday, this is the only side of our house that's completely bricked!!  I love this brick and am so glad that we went with a darker brown than what we had originally wanted.

Now the next decision to make is the trim and cedar shake.  We've been scouring Pinterest and Houzz and anywhere else we can find for help in making a decision.  As of today, it still hasn't been made.....oh well!  For the good news, we found out that insulation is supposed to be delivered today and sheet rock on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Can't wait for Lilly - I'm definitely going early too! Love seeing your house progression!

  2. I am DYING about this Lilly release!!! So exciting to see your house coming along!

  3. The house is coming along great! I'm so excited about the possibility of building later on this year! Unforunately, I'm not at all excited about the Lilly collection at Target... All of my sorority sisters were obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer in college, and I was just never a fan :( Maybe I can find something I like.

  4. I can't wait for the Lily Release I am going to try and wake up early and buy online!!!

  5. yay! we built a house last year and i am so excited for you- you will love!! ♥


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