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Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Friday, y'all!  I am beyond thrilled that the weekend starts at 3:00 PM today!  We've got a busy weekend planned and the best part is our date night Saturday to The Melting Pot and a movie!  It's much-needed after adjusting to a new routine with grad school.  Speaking of, I just took my first midterm Wednesday night and made a 92!  Whoop whoop!  With my grades, I'm hoping to get early admittance into a certain class this summer.  So here's to statistics this summer and hopefully one more class!  Can I go ahead a hire a tutor now for statistics??

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Today's post is all about OUR HOUSE!  It is progressing a lot faster than I had anticipated, and it's been really fun checking out each stage!  I've learned a lot about construction :)

When we first signed our contract in February!  We had no idea that snow and ice would be delaying our ground-breaking.

Pouring the footer

Putting the cinder blocks on the footer (I have no idea what the technical term is--Dustin is at work and I can't ask him ha)

I think it took like 2-3 days for them to frame the whole house!  I couldn't believe it when Dustin and I drove over one day and saw this!!!

This was the day they put the tubs in!  I spent a lot of sleepless nights over these fixtures.  I'm so glad we decided to upgrade to the oil rubbed bronze.  I almost went with a brushed nickel look but I am so not a gray person.  And I realized that I would need to do a grayish-white marble countertop and the antique white cabinets that I wanted were an off-white and wouldn't go well together.  So we upgraded, and when I saw this, I couldn't stop talking about it!  Best decision!

The view into our master bath.  I went to the house yesterday (and should have taken an updated picture) because there is a pocket door that was installed on the right where the framing stops.  

Ahh, I can't wait to take nightly baths in this beauty!  We opted for a soaking tub instead of whirlpool because of the up-keep.  

This is the upstairs bath.  The bathrooms in this house are really great sizes!

A view from the front door.  A column is going where that pole is.  We chose an open floor plan so the dining room is open to the living room and the breakfast room/kitchen.  I can't wait to turn that fireplace on this winter!

Whoa!  It went up fast!  Again, I should have taken more pictures yesterday for a better updated post because the brick stacks are placed all around the house along with stacks of shingles.  The front and back doors and windows are waiting in the garage--I'm obsessed with our front door!

We have prayed and continue to pray over this house.  We pray that we can use it to glorify God--whether we open our home to church groups, church members, or if God is calling us to sell it in a few years and go somewhere else.  We pray for obedience in everything we do.


  1. Weekends that start early are the best! Yum, enjoy date night at the melting pot – would you believe we’ve never been there?! Oh gosh lady, we have such a similar story! The weather SO delayed our house being built – we signed the contract end of August and the house wasn’t finished until the following July!! We used to come walk through the house just like you guys and it was so fun seeing the improvements! Enjoy it all!!

  2. We build our first house and it was such a learning experience of everything that goes into the house but so worth it in the end!!! So happy they are moving along quickly with it!! Can't wait to see it done
    Happy Friday Chelsea @

  3. It is so much fun to see the progress on this! It's amazing to think that what started as nothing is now turning in to such a lovely home. Just beautiful :-)

  4. oh my gosh- that is SO exciting!! How long will it be till it's all done? I would be counting down the days. So fun to see it all coming together!

    Lovely Little Rants


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