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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

While I was getting my hair done this morning, I got a phone call from Dustin.  I went ahead and answered it because he was at work and it could have been an emergency (although I felt horrible because it's rude to talk on your phone while sitting in the chair).  He said he talked with our builder and I had to go pick out our front door.  Panic set it!  My hair stylist is in the middle of building her first home too, so we spent the majority of my appointment talking brick colors and everything that has to be picked out.  I told her that I probably needed to get on it when it came to picking stuff out, but that I just hadn't.  And then I got that phone call.  So I went to go pick out our front door--I'll do a post on that later after it gets installed!!  My biggest decision was double front door or single front door with sidelights--ahhh, decisions!!!

Okay, so this post isn't about our new house.  It's about our current place where we live. I took some pictures of our apartment during the big snow storm because I wanted to document where we spent our first year as husband and wife (and I had plenty of time ha).  I know I'll love looking back on this and remembering all the fun we had in that little apartment!

Looking in from our front door.

Our first big purchase together.  We bought this before we got married and had it shipped to an empty apartment that no one lived in :)  I loved picking out the fabrics!  This was taken from the stairs.

An antique dresser that we use as our TV stand.  This was given to us by our school nurse from when we were in high school.  She is wonderful.  The door right behind it leads to a half bath.  Double doors hides the washer and dryer.

Our first Craigslist purchase!  Funny story behind that, but we got a deal on this table and chairs.  Also, the pictures on the wall are my absolute favorite and were our first wedding gift from my best friend's mom aka my second mom.  

The kitchen.  I'm sure you can pick out what it my least favorite part of this kitchen.  Thank goodness I only have to look at those counter tops for just a few more months!!!

View from the kitchen island.  See how bright it is outside?  That's because of the crazy amount of snow outside!

Our stairs leading up to two bedrooms and one bathroom.  I've given up on putting a picture in that frame.  I'll do it when we move into our new house haha

They start framing our house tomorrow!!!  I'll do another update post soon!

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