Friday Favorites!

Friday, March 20, 2015

I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci today for Friday Favorites!

1. Spring break starts today at 3 PM!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  The first half of the week is supposed to be beautiful weather, so I'm planning on being outside as much as possible.  We don't have big plans for spring break--just getting a lot of errands done.  I'm hoping we are able to take one day trip somewhere, though :)

2. I started grad school on Monday and this is how I feel about the whole thing:

I'm taking 2 classes this term--one on integrating technology and one that is a foundations class.  These are just pre-requisites before I can get into my actual degree.  I'm getting my masters in Library Media!  It's been a little overwhelming this week (as in, I had a MASSIVE project due for one class....alone) and I'm not going to lie, lots of tears have been shed.  I think things will get better once I establish a new routine and get used to doing grad school. I thrive in a routine and will just need to make a new one.

3. House Update!

This is what our land looked like when we bought it.  

In the month since we signed our contract, we had snow, extreme cold, ice, and lots of rain. Our lot was empty for what felt like forever.

I went for a run Tuesday afternoon after school and decided to run by our land to see if they had started.  (We like about a mile and a quarter from our new house.)  Once I made the turn into our subdivision, I noticed a cement truck but thought it might be for the house next to us because it is in the process of being bricked.  Nope!!!  They had started on our house!

Tuesday, March 17:
(The back of our house goes past that little green, grassy area.  Look at the footer on the left and you'll see that it goes farther back.)

 Wednesday, March 18:

We couldn't get a great picture because of the piles of gravel and sand in front of our house.   We have loved hopping in the truck after supper and driving over to check out the process.  I have a feeling that I'm going to learn a lot about how a house is built!

4. Has anyone seen the movie Cinderella?  I haven't heard much about it and so I'm wondering if it's close to the original story--or if they changed it.  I'm planning on going to see it over spring break.

I hope everyone has had a great week!  I'm so ready for spring break to get here--I'm going to get my grad school work for the week done ASAP so I have the rest of the week to do whatever I want!  Then once we start back to school, we'll be prepping for our state's standardized test, taking it, and then taking semester exams.  We'll be out before we know it!

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