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Monday, February 16, 2015

This weekend has turned into a four day weekend for me!  It's been wonderful!  I started my weekend off on Friday by heading to the gym with my sister.  We met there at 6:45 AM to do a 45 minute spin class on the Peloton app.  We absolutely love this app!!  I know the biggest fad right now in the big cities is Soul Cycle.  We don't have anything like that in small town Alabama, so this app is the next best thing.  We can access this studio in NYC at any time for a spin class!  My favorite instructor is Nicole, and Rachel likes Jessica's classes!
We did one of Jessica's Throwback Thursday archived classes Friday morning.  It kicked our tails!!  I'm pretty sure we sat down for a total of maybe 12 minutes during the whole 45 minute class!

Then I headed to the doctor.  I knew I would be spending about two hours at the doctor so I brought along something to read.
I'm only about five chapters in but I'm really enjoying this book!  I've learned that as a Christian, we're all theologians--meaning we all have some knowledge of God.  I started learning about theology in college and I've enjoyed learning about it ever since then!  If you're ever interested in learning more about theology, make sure that whatever you're reading is scripturally-based and of sound doctrine.  This is just a short list of some of my favorite authors and/or pastors: John Piper, Francis Chan, David Platt, Tim Keller, and Paul David Tripp.

Friday night, Dustin and I had our Valentine's dinner.  Since we waited too late to make reservations, we ended up going to Las Vias in Decatur because Dustin had never had the creamy jalepeno sauce and I knew he would love it.  He loved it!  He even got extra to pour over his nachos.  We went home after and exchanged presents.  I got him a Drake shirt that's similar to the Columbia PFG shirts, and he got me a Fitbit Charge HR!!!  I've been wanting one so bad!  I was saving my birthday money to by myself one when they came out in January, but I ended up using that money to buy Dustin a gun for Christmas.  I plan on doing a post about it soon once I figure out how to utilize everything it offers!

Saturday, we started off Valentine's Day by heading to our local park to walk and run a little. We bundled up because it was VERY cold and I tried to figure out my Fitbit a little more.  After doing my weekly meal planning and grocery shopping, Dustin and I hit the road for Nashville.  His friend (who was a groomsman in our wedding) was getting married!  We got to hang out Saturday  night with some of Dustin's friends and had a fun reception at the Hard Rock.  

It was SO cold in Nashville Saturday night!  Parking was interesting.  We spent the majority of our money paying to park in these badly-designed parking garages.  I think we've decided to go back to Nashville to spend a weekend once it warms up because Dustin told me he had never been to downtown Nashville before.  I love any excuse for a trip!

Sunday was pretty laid back.  We went to church.  After lunch, Dustin watched some Nascar prelim thing and I took a short nap.  We both cleaned our house before heading back to church Sunday night.  After church, we rushed home so I could finish putting together supper (a new recipe coming tomorrow!!) and watching The Bachelor!

It's Monday and I'm still off from school thanks to this unused weather day!  While we were threatened with snow, I woke up this morning to nothing.  I was kind of wishing for a little snow but maybe we'll get some on Wednesday--my weather app has snow flurries as a possibility! 

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  1. I loved reading this little update on your life :) You are SO amazing with your spin classes.. seriously girl.. YOU ARE ROCKING IT! XO Ps I have that floral dress you wore... don't you love it? I wear it way too much!!


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