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Friday, February 6, 2015

This has been a pretty short week for me at school.  Yesterday and today, I've got a workshop at Athen State University for the Leader in Me.  Yesterday we did 2 school tours (which were really cute because they were in elementary schools and I'm not used to seeing little people!), and today we've got break-out sessions.

1. My hairdresser told me about this new app called Houzz.  Umm....I AM OBSESSED!! It's like Pinterest but only for houses.  And the best part is that you get to create filters.  So yesterday while I was on the charter bus heading back to Athens State from the last school visit, I pulled out my phone and decided to play around with the app.  I chose to look at dining rooms and then filtered the style to traditional.  I am loving getting inspiration for color palates and light fixtures--just everything!  It's free so check it out!  

2. Right after Christmas, Anthropologie had a sale on their sale items.  I had gotten an Anthro gift card for Christmas from my awesome in-laws and decided to get these pants.  (They are on sale now!!!) They are a crazy print, but they are so so comfortable and warm!!  I pair them with a merlot-colored tunic from Anthro, a gray vest from Banana Republic, and my very favorite booties!
This was taken on the bus ride yesterday to my first school visit.  I needed some almonds to give me sustenance :)

3. Last weekend I went with Mom to Huntsville to go with her while she went shopping.  As we were walking through the shoe department in Belk, I came across these sandals.  I want to get these for this spring/summer!  Look at how different they are!  I could see myself wearing these with summery dresses and crop pants!  That counts them as a need, right?

4. My hometown has a celebrity make an appearance every once in a while :)  "Michael Jackson" randomly shows up in shopping center parking lots (Kroger or CVS to be exact) and blares "his" music from his van and dances like MJ.  I saw him earlier this week while I was stopped at a light.  Does your hometown have anything crazy like this happen?
Not the best picture, but I had to snap it before the light turned green!

5. Dustin and I are starting to really look into our summer vacation.  He's already taken off for work, so we know what dates we're going on vacation.  Now we just have to choose the destination!!  We have decided to do two vacations this year--the beach this summer and Washington, DC this fall.  My best friend and I spontaneously took a vacation to DC together about three years ago and Dustin has only spent about three hours in DC.  But our problem is trying to decide which beach we want to visit.  We love Alabama beaches but are thinking we might want to branch out.  I checked out the beaches on 30A but aren't willing to spend $300 a night on a rental since we're also going to have to do a hotel and plane tickets for our vacation this fall.  Any suggestions for a beautiful beach?  If all fails, we'll do Orange Beach or Gulf Shores....just thought we might find something different!

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