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Monday, January 19, 2015


This is the surprise I wrote about in my last post!!  (Sorry for those of you who thought I was pregnant!  I got a few texts about that and didn't realize people might think that.  Don't'll be a while!)
Rachel found this Friday night!  I got an email around Thanksgiving asking for permission to print a wedding photo that my photographer had submitted to a magazine.  You better believe I gave permission!  The magazine was published this month!

Page 49!!
And so I got a few.

Dustin and I also went and watched American Sniper late Friday night with a bunch of friends.  It was really good and eye-opening.  It made me really thankful for our military and the families that they leave behind.  I think this movie did a really good job of showing how hard deployments are on wives and children.  After the movie was over, not one person in a theater of 400 said a word as we walked out into the lobby.  I don't even know how to describe the emotion in the air.  No one felt like it would be right to talk after.


Dustin left around 2:30 AM to go to south Alabama to hunt this weekend, so I decided to head out shopping.  (But not at 2:30...more like 10)  I had some leftover Christmas money and gift cards that needed to be put to good use ;)

I really needed a new pair of boots.  I have a pair of Guess boots that I've worn for five years now and they are getting worn out.  I also have a pair of Frye boots but they look like cowboy boots so I wear them occasionally.   Here's what I ended up getting:
These Nine West boots were on sale, and they're actually cheeper online than they were in store.
And then I splurged...
I bought another pair of Frye's (and don't say anything when you see me wearing these everyday...) My mom always says that Frye boots are investment pieces that will last a very long time.  I listened to her this time :)  But seriously, these can be worn with almost everything I own and are so comfortable that I could stand and teach in them all day long.  I'm in love.

Then I bought a...
bundt cake pan from Williams-Sonoma!  
I found a recipe from Mix and Match Mama (love her blog) and it looked super easy and tasty.  I tested it out Saturday night and I think it turned out great!

Late Saturday night, I headed to my dad's house to watch the fights.  Deontay Wilder, a guy from Tuscaloosa, was going to fight for the world heavyweight championship.  He was fighting the current champion, Bermane Stiverne from Haiti.  I was brought up watching boxing so I love it.  I predicted a knock-out by Wilder in round 4 because he was five inches taller and had a 4-5 inch longer arm reach than Stiverne.  What I didn't expect (and probably no one else did too) was for the fight to go all 12 rounds.  
Deontay is on the right.  The state of Alabama has another championship to add!


I had the worse crick in my neck and shoulder yesterday that I could barely get out of bed.  Here's to hoping I recover fast because 

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