Gym Classes and Chocolate

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

School started yesterday for teachers and I found out Sunday night that I didn't have to be at work until 8:00 AM--not 7:30ish like I thought!!  Yay!!  Then I got this idea in my head that I would wake up super early and go to the gym to work out.  Later that night, I reasoned with Dustin that it would make more sense for me to sleep in and work out Monday evening while he was gone.  Yep, I pretty much talked myself out of an early morning workout and had my husband agree with it haha!  Side note:  I'm making it a goal for myself to make myself a morning person.  I'm fine with getting up at 6:30 to workout during the summer, but I need to get up much earlier to be more productive during the school year.

After Dustin had left yesterday, I watched a little bit of TV before I had to change to get ready for the gym.  A few weeks ago I moved my membership to another gym in town that had a lot more to offer in the group class area.  And that's what I love.  I love a good hour-long class with other people pushing me to do something that I would have quit if I were working out alone.  Plus, now that it gets dark earlier and I've got after school car duty for the next 9 weeks, there hardly is time to run in the afternoon during the week.  Last night I decided to do Step Cardio and CXWX (which is a core class).  Let me just say this--I really wish I had a video camera on me during the step class.  I felt like I was in Zumba but with a step--I am not coordinated!  I had to hold in a laugh when I looked at myself in the mirror trying to remember the moves and keep up with the instructor!  Thank goodness it was only 30 minutes!  I loved the CXWX class after Step Cardio--it kicked my tail and worked my core so much.  I am going to be sore!

I rushed home in time to shower, eat supper, and watch The Bachelor.  Eating healthy is so important to me but I'm human and I was craving something sweet!  I raided our pantry for anything that was sweet--which wasn't much because I just don't buy it.  I ate about 5 (!!!!) leftover reduced-fat oreos and a handful of chocolate chips.  I felt bad afterward but hopefully my metabolism was still up from my workout earlier!  Eating sweets are fine as long as it's done in moderation, and in my case, not every day!  Also, I NEVER consume caffeine and so I may be up a while from all the caffeine I had in the chocolate.  You may think I'm kidding but I can't eat chocolate after lunch time because I'll stay awake at night.

I plan on doing a "Day in the Life" post soon of my day today.  I just finished reading one from another blog and thought it was so interesting.  Stay tuned!

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