Five on Friday

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ahhh, Friday :)

Here are my five randoms for the week!

1. I need to lose a few pounds....ugh.  So I've been trying to brainstorm a few new but healthy ways to lose those extra pounds.  I've been seeing lots of smote Pinterest recipes that look good, so I wonder how filling they are.  I've been researching the different blender/smoothie makers trying to decide if I want one.  Nutribullet or Ninja???  Or just a regular blender?  If you have one, what do you think?

2. Remember when I blogged about the Peloton app?  I've got my sister hooked on it!  Our gym has two spinning bikes side by side, so we will pick the class we want to do and start it at the same time.  It's like we're doing the class together which makes it more fun. And we love to look over at each other and make an "I'm dying" face!

3. If any of you have Netflix, you need to check out this show called The Paradise.  It's a BBC show about the first department store (in London, maybe??).  It has been fascinating to watch!  I watched the entire first season (all 8 episodes) before I got married, and I got an email from Netflix earlier this week letting me know that season 2 had been released--and there's 16 episodes!!!  Ahhh!!!  I love it!  It's a very clean show, too!

4. Monday night I cooked a really awesome supper.  I blogged the recipe here.  It was easy and Dustin couldn't get enough of it!

5. HUNTING SEASON IS ALMOST OVER!!!!!!  Do I seem a little excited?  I have loved the fact that Dustin has been able to enjoy his hobby this year, but I've missed him every time he's been gone to his hunting land.  I'll be glad to have him back for a while!
He was trying to explain mortgages to me for the millionth time.  I was trying to watch The Bachelor.  Which one could I summarize to you today?? :)

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