A Spin Class App (that I'm obsessed with)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Friday, the male PE teacher at my school showed my teacher friend and I this new spin app (Look up "Peloton Cycle" in the app store) we could use in our school's spin room instead of trying to find a random spin workout on Youtube.  I downloaded it at school on my iPad and checked it out before we headed to spin after school.  IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!  I cannot get over it!!!

Here's what's so great about it:  I love group fit classes.  I love being pushed and having to make myself keep up with the rest of the class.  I am so competitive with myself.  While I joined the my new gym for their variety of classes, there is one class offered three times a week (and during the times I can go) that I tried and didn't like.  This app is like being in a group fit setting, but you can do it whenever is convenient to you.  You can join a live class or do an archived class if you can't spin at a time when the live class is offered.  I've done two archived classes from the instructor Nicole and love her!  She's upbeat, a great motivator, and her music is awesome!  When you do an archived class, you're able to choose the amount of time you want to spin--Friday, I went 45 minutes and Sunday, I only had time for 30 minutes.  

If you look at my picture above, you'll see that the spin bikes at my gym have a little area for two water bottles by the handlebars, but thankfully, it's a perfect resting place for my iPad while I watch the instructor!  

Here's the only negative:  the bikes in the Peloton spin classes apparently have a computer screen that tells them their resistance levels and RPMs.  Mine don't.  You just have to guess on the resistance and I watch Nicole's feet peddle so I match her RPMs.

I love running, but I might be on a spin kick while it's so cold and yuck outside.  I know once it warms up and stays daylight longer, I'll get back outside and run, but right now I am having so much fun spinning.  Hope you get to try it!!


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