A Day in the Life--January 6, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tuesday morning started bright and early with my new goal of waking up earlier than usual. My alarm was set for 5:10 so I only slept 4 extra minutes...not too shabby!

 I head downstairs first thing during the winter.  I cannot stand jumping in the shower as soon as I wake up when it's so cold out.  I have to warm up first, so I eat breakfast.  Once it warms up outside then I'll shower before breakfast.  Is there anyone else like that?

I mix it up at breakfast sometimes.  Usually I have 2 slices of whole wheat 35 calorie toast with apple butter, but this morning I went for the whole wheat bagel with whipped Greek yogurt/cream cheese.  I needed the extra nourishment on this first day back!  I also drink 1 glass of water each morning at breakfast.  I'm a big water drinker and I make sure I start my morning out drinking it.

This is what my classroom looked like as I opened the door.  Since I got up earlier, I was able to get to school a little earlier.  Win-Win!  (Seven Habits, anyone?)  I prayed for my students before they walked into homeroom.

My planning period was normal--extremely busy.  I teach 4 advanced English classes, 1 regular English class, and 1 intervention class.  I introduced linking verbs, predicate nouns/adjectives, and verb tenses to my students and then we cleaned our binders out!  I thrive on organization (not evident in the picture below) and want my students to be organized too.  They don't realize how much easier their life will be!  In my intervention class, we started reading Freak the Mighty.  I read The Hunger Games with them last semester and they LOVED it!  I'm hoping they will fall in love with this book, too.

Today also started back my outside afternoon car duty for 9 weeks.  (insert silent cry)  It's going to be below freezing on Thursday--as in, the windchill will be in the single digits.  I may wear a ski mask.

When I walked in the door this afternoon, I found Dustin in the kitchen :)  He's cooking this week (his first time while we've been married) and so he had to cook his supper before he left for work.  He breaded and baked chicken nuggets (which were pretty good!!!) and collard greens (yuck!).

Sidenote:  I wasn't able to get a picture of my outfit this morning before I left because Dustin had already gone to sleep.  Here I am after school...I looked much better that morning, I promise.
What I'm wearing:  
Dress and necklace: Anthropologie
Gray tights: Hue
Boots: Frye

After Dustin left, I sat down for about 30 minutes to check social media. Then I changed for the gym and got there around 5:00 PM.  This picture is blurry because I had to take it before someone saw me!  I did the elliptical for 32 minutes.  I was still a little sore from the 2 classes I did Monday night.

After I got home and showered, I heated up some of the chicken nuggets and had some veggie chips.  This isn't my typical dinner, but I'm thankful for Dustin's cooking this week!  (note the glass of water!  I drink at least 2 during supper each night.)

I washed the sheets and sat down to watch Friends and blog.  I caught up on a show I had DVR'ed earlier in the week.

Before bed, I straightened up a few things around the house--sweeping the kitchen, putting all of the dishes away that have dried in the dish drainer, etc.  

I did my quiet time--which is a nighttime thing for me and then I went to bed at 10:00 PM!  Ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

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