Five on Friday

Friday, November 28, 2014

This is post is just a little late.......oops!  It's been a busy day!

1. I came home Tuesday afternoon to a wedding package from my wonderful college minister!  She had such a great influence on my college years and because of that, she knows me so well!
(apron from Anthropologie)

2. I did LOTS of cooking for our multiple Thanksgivings that we attended (and wore my new apron!).  This is the Diabetic Pecan Pie that I made.  Dustin said it tasted great, but I didn't think so :(

3. I got up early this morning and shopped by myself for 5.5 hours and only bought myself two very small items!! (They were needs and on sale....can't pass that up!)  I did, however, go into Anthropologie while they had their big Black Friday sale and not buy myself one single item.  That was huge for me because I saw about a million things that I really, really need!  (hint hint Dust!!)

4. I also played a round of disc golf with my dad after I finished shopping!  I realized I'm a little rusty with my disc throwing, so I'll need to keep practicing before any sponsors start calling me ha!

5. Tomorrow is a BIG day in Alabama--the IRON BOWL!!!  I went to college at Alabama, but I've been a fan since birth!  The game is being played in Tuscaloosa, and we're having a few people over to eat and watch the game.  I'm thinking of cooking this.

 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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