Five on Friday

Friday, October 10, 2014

1. When will this weather start to feel like fall?  I am so ready to start consistently wearing clothes like this!!

2. Last weekend, I did LOTS of wedding stuff since both my sister and BFF are getting married one week apart.  This weekend I am RESTING! :)
3. Monday and Tuesday are FALL BREAK!  Can I get an amen???  My goals are to visit the new super Belk store that just opened nearby, run, clean the house, read, and get ready for the Women's Ministry meeting at church Tuesday night.  Oh, and possibly sleep in and watch some reality tv :)
**Tuesday night was the Tiger Show Off for our school.  Like a talent show, but instead everyone just shows off their talent.  There are so many talented kids at my school and so many that I taught that I had no idea that they were so talented!!  Some acts brought tears to my eyes because they were so precious!

4. My cousin just made this super cute door hanger for our front door!  I wish I were creative!  But it's nice to have a crafty person in your family!

5. And because I'm so obsessed with all of my wedding photos, here's one of my girls and I!  I have the most beautiful friends and family!


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